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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Hike (Giveaway)



One of my favorite ways to get moving is by going on a hike! There’s just something about being out in the woods that makes me feel super relaxed. The fresh air, the wind in my curls, and the slight fear of an animal popping out at any moment makes for a great experience every time.  I have learned a few tips and tricks over the years to get the most of my hikes, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get too deep with this post, but hopefully these will up your hiking game!

  • Walk heel to toe!  This is great if you’re hiking on flat land & want to make your walk a little tougher. Unless you have the calves of David Beckham, I don’t recommend doing this your entire walk. But, this is fun to do every few steps! If you’re anything like me, you will look a little silly doing it. But who cares? You get that workout in, girl!
  • Put down that phone! I’m really bad about trying to snap chat along my entire hike. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a few pics to capture the memories, I think its a great feeling when you can just enjoy the nature that surrounds you. So flick a few pics, then put that phone up, girl!  Bonus: Put those headphones away too! Its so much more relaxing listening to the birds-a-chirping. Plus, this is a good place to be fully aware of your surroundings! #strangerdanger
  • Bring a friend! Not only is it safer to bring a friend, its also a more fun! It always amazes me how much better the conversation is when I’m in the woods with my gal pals. There’s something about trekking through the woods and getting sweaty that makes me feel closer to my hiking buddies. Plus, I know someone will have my back if ish gets real! Lions and tigers and bears….AW NAW! (In full disclosure, I wouldn’t expect anyone to stick around if one of those popped out. Please believe, I would run away and call 9-1-1 if that happened lol.)
  • Take a moment to soak it all in! I know, we all have busy lives. But I encourage you to stop and smell the roses (I say that figuratively. Poison ivy takes no prisoners!) Seriously though, its never a bad idea to stand and stair at the weird shaped tree, or stare over the the top of a hill! Not gonna lie, this would be one of those great moments to snap a pic! Just make sure you aren’t checking any emails or texts
  • Stay hydrated! There is nothing worst than being thirsty in the middle of the woods while the Texas sun is giving you its all! I never go hiking without water, no matter how long or short my hike is! Dehydration is no joke, folks! I recently reviewed the pH balanced Core Hydration water and was pleased with the taste! I’m kind of a water snob (yes, I can taste the difference) so I was pretty excited that Core Hydration water didn’t have any weird after taste or leave my mouth feeling dry. (Weirdly enough, I’ve had a few brands that did that.)

Because I want to set you guys up for success on your next hike, I’ve partnered with Core Hydration to give away a case of their fancy water! This way, you can #betruetoyourcore and give that hike your all!


 #BeTrueToYourCore Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Core Hydration, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!