5 Ways To #DefineBrave & Reach Your Health Goals

5 Ways To #DefineBrave & Reach Your Health Goals | www.thegingermarieblog


Congratulations on making it to week two of 2016! Yay us! If you’re like me, one of your resolutions is to Get In Shape! We’re sexy cliche and we know it.  We are all different shapes and sizes, and have different ideas of what “in shape” means. While I am looking to lose weight/avoid getting common diseases like diabetes, you may be looking to gain weight or build muscle!

5 Ways To #DefineBrave & Reach Your Health Goals | www.thegingermarieblog


Regardless of our differences in goals, we can all use a little help to keep us going and stay motivated throughout the year! It can be a little scary to get back into the swing of things, but this year we are all going to #DefineBrave and reach our goals!!


5 Ways To #DefineBrave & Reach Your Health Goals | www.thegingermarieblog.com


Before we get to the tips, I would like us to all try something new. In the comments below, tell me what your health goals are and why you chose them! Then, be sure to pin this post so a few months down the line, when you need a little push, you can come back and remind yourself why you started this in the first place. Now for the tips to help you along the way!


  1. Hike a different trail every week. This will keep things fresh so you aren’t getting bored with your hikes. Be sure to look up and around during your hikes, really take in the beautiful nature that is around you. Also, make sure to bring a buddy for safety.  (Click here to see something cool that I would have missed if I were on my phone during my recent hike, instead of embracing the great outdoors)
  2. Move to the front row of your favorite fitness class. I am TOTALLY that girl that will stand in the back of the class, no matter how many times I’ve been. Why don’t we try standing at the front from now on? Not only will it push us to work out harder, but it will give us a better view of the instructor! Oh, and don’t worry: ain’t nobody looking at you, we’re all staring at ourselves.
  3. Stay healthy from the inside-out and get your routine checkups! This is an important step that I sometimes forget about. Make sure you are getting those checkups because being healthy on the inside is just as important as the outside. Plus, who doesn’t want the piece of mind of knowing that everything is A-okay?
  4. Find an accountability partner to send workout selfies to. Let’s face it, no one takes pics of us like WE take pics of us. We live in the day of the selfie, so partner up with a friend who can keep you going via picture! I like to use Snapchat for this one so that my friends aren’t holding on to my sweaty pics for a future, devious TBT!
  5. Find a really tasty (and healthy) recipe to whip up. We all know that meal preps are SUPER helpful when it comes to reaching our goals. They save us time and keep us from snacking on unhealthy snacks! You can check out some of my awesome recipes, such as my Salmon and Artichoke Salad, in the Recipes link at the top of this page.


Those are some of my tips to help you reach your goals this year. I hope they help you keep going this year!  Don’t forget to comment below to let me know what your health goals are and why you chose them, then pin this page for reference! I can’t wait to see what you are working towards, and how close you are to your goals in a few months!


5 Ways To #DefineBrave & Reach Your Health Goals | www.thegingermarieblog


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I'm a thirty-something lifestyle blogger who tries not to take life too seriously. I think laughing and running are the cure to everything especially when its done in a new city. I think a balanced diet is important, and that they're much easier when they include chocolate. :)

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  1. My fitness goals for 2016 are: 1. To wear a bikini in public this summer without feeling self-concious<- That means getting more toned in my tummy & legs. 2. Complete 3 short juice reboots this year (Starting my 1st one today). 3. Complete more Beachbody programs that I own, but haven't done yet. (Last yr I did 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift and a few more.)

    1. Those are awesome and realistic goals! I am SURE that you will reach them! If you ever want to get in a workout, let me know! I’m always searching for new accountability partners! 😀

  2. I love the idea of moving to the front of a fitness class! SO creative and a great way to push out of your comfort zone! My health goals include getting better at prioritizing sleep, turning off work at 8:30pm every night, and reducing the late-night sugar. Good luck reaching your goals :).

    1. Yes! I am certainly needing to get better sleep as well. That’s a great idea to just turn everything off at 8:30. I need to get an alarm clock so I can start doing that as well! Oh, and I know what you mean with the late-night sugar. It never fails that I crave sweet stuff at night! haha Good luck with your goals as well. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  3. I love your resolutions! The part about getting up in the front of the fitness class is something I never do especially if it is a cardio style workout because I know I am going to stop mid-work to catch a breath. I would love to go on one of those hikes with you so we can take out P365 photos. I know I ditched you last saturday but I wont again! Promise lol My goals for this year is to start my Personal Training business and workout at least 6 times a week. I have been slacking the last two months, I blame the holidays.

    1. Hey, if you’re there you have nothing to worry about! Your goals are great though, I know you’ll do well! 😀

  4. Great read!I definitely will implement this into my workout plan!

  5. My goal is just to become fit and eat healthier selections. I love making new recipes so I’m looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen and getting away from unhealthy snacking. I look forward to keeping up with your blog and trying your recipes.

    1. That is a great goal, Marie! Cooking new recipes definitely keep things fresh. 😀

  6. Great tips! Also I love those workout leggings, they’re so fun. Tip # 3 really speaks to me because I’m the absolute worst about making check-up and wellness visits, but really should keep on top of because health is truly everything.

    1. I am the exact same way! I tend to only get checked out if something is wrong. We will do better this year though 😀

  7. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! I don’t really have any fitness goals for this year but I do have a health goal: to DRINK MORE WATER!! 🙂

    1. Drinking more water is important! I’ve been doing a little better at it this year 😀

  8. OMG it was so good to read everyone’s New Years Resolutions here!

    I really liked what you said about moving to the front of a workout class! That’s such a good idea, it makes you way more accountable.

    I really want to listen to my body more when eating. I eat so quickly that sometimes I don’t even enjoy my food which is terrible! I need to really sit down and think it all through though.

    Love this! Great work, girl.

    1. You’ve got this Krista! I know some great meal prep sites too if you’re interested. 😀

  9. Great tips! I’am hoping to work more on my fitness this year! Thanks for sharing!

  10. One of my biggest fitness/health goals this year is to work on cutting out and limiting my intake of processed sugar!It’s such a difficult thing to do, but I think it will be life changing.

    1. That is a tough one but you can totally do it! Plus, once you get going you will feel so much better! Good luck on your goals, Harley!

  11. My goal too is to also sit front row at barre classes — I need the mirrors lol.

    1. haha! I love it! I think everyone likes staring at themselves in the mirror when working out. 😀

  12. Love this! It’s so important to have a definition of what brave is, that way you know how to pursue it!

  13. while i didnt really set big goals for 2016, i definitely want to be consistent with my workout 4-5 times a week this year..

    1. I am right there with you! I also want to workout more often. If you ever need a workout buddy just let me know!

  14. My 2016 heath and fitness goals: Be more thoughtful and deliberate about food choices. Develop a healthy meal plan each week that is a mix of healthy meals at home as well as a variety of good choices for eating out. Continue working out at the gym, and take our family dog on longer walks each day. I send many good wishes your way for attaining your own goals too. Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Those are great goals and totally obtainable! Happy New Year to you as well. 😀

  15. These are great tips and I will for sure start to use them!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  16. This is an awesome post and I love your workout pants. We all need a little encouragement and these ideas are great. I love the idea of hiking a new trail every week. When I was hope in Atlanta over the summer (I’m in Japan now), I hiked Stone Mountain a few times and I really enjoyed the workout. It was something different and a fun and fulfilling way to burn some calories. My fitness goal for this year is pretty simple: I want to be able to run 3 miles without stopping by May. I’m running right around 1.85 miles now, so I have a ways to go to make it to my goal, but I’m really confident that I can do it and excited to see how my body and health changes throughout the process. I’ll be running a few days a week in hopes to really make running regularly part of my lifestyle longterm. Good luck on completing your fitness goals 🙂


    1. I’ve always wanted to hike Stone Mountain but never got around to it! I’m driving through ATL in a few weeks so I may have to go along the way. 😀 I also want to be able to run a 5k again! We can totally do it!! I hope all your goals are met and that you have an amazing time in Japan!

  17. That is too funny. I always stand near the front of my fitness class, but off to the side. This way I can see the instructor and I’m unnoticeable. Live that ‘we are all looking at ourselves.’ So true.

    1. Thanks Michelle and way to go if you’re already at the front of the class! It is on my to-do list. 😀

  18. Really awesome tips, I love the selfie idea, being held accountable in a fun way doing what we spend so much time doing anyway, lol

    1. Right? Plus, who doesn’t love taking gym selfies?

  19. Your leggings are so cute!! My goal this year is to become a morning person. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I definitely want to get better at cooking and meal prepping. I think that’s where I fall short for sure.

    1. I love these leggings! Your goal is a good one too. I’m trying to get up earlier as well so I can get in more workouts. 😀 Good luck with everything!

  20. Love these tips! Hiking is my favorite so I’m all over that, but moving to the front of the class seems really scary to me – which is probably why I need to push myself to do it!

    1. I’m right there with you! I am ALWAYS at the back of the class, but this year i’m gonna try to make my way up front. 😀

  21. My overall goal is just to be healthier and feel better about my body! This summer I need to be Wine Fine!! I love your workout tights!

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