I’m gonna warn y’all ahead of time that discovering these delivery apps has made me an extremely lazy person. I do my grocery shopping, regular shopping, and cooking (aka ordering food) through my phone way more than I probably should. The thing is, with some of these apps the delivery fee is SUPER low or non-existent (we’ll get more into that in a few). I’m not joking when I say that yesterday was my first time going to a grocery store in weeks! Idk if I should be proud or ashamed!


That being said, these apps may or may not change the way you do life. Irregardless, they are SUPER helpful and give you more time to concentrate on the things that matter – like ratchet tv shows. Alright, now let’s jump into it!

Restaurant-Only Delivery Apps

Uber Eats

Uber is really trying to take over the world! First, a convenient way of ordering a “cab”. Now, a easy way to have almost anything you want in your area delivered.

Use code “eats-gingerh652ue” for $10 off your first order!


Door Dash

I love Doordash because they have low delivery fees and great customer service! I had an order show up late once and they credited my account $15! I didn’t even have to ask for it!

Use this link to sign up and get free delivery: http://drd.sh/UAcBM5/


Grocery-Only Delivery Apps


Groceries on demand! Not only can Instacart get your groceries to you within an hour, they can also deliver from most grocery stores! Not to mention, they can also deliver from wine stores too.

Use this link to sign up and get $10 when you order: https://inst.cr/t/UjU2wXxoz


Restaurant, Grocery, and More Delivery Apps

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime is already the GOAT (greatest of all time). Well now, they’ll deliver pretty much anything. From household items, to groceries, to food from your favorite restaurant! The best part? In most cases delivery is free!



Postmates delivers from almost everywhere! Car parts? Check! Groceries? Check! Case of wine? Double check!

Use code R3GWQ for a free delivery up to $10! 



Favor will pick up absolutely anything you want! From anywhere! Of course they have their suggestions, but if you wanted them to go to the fish market and stock you up on crawfish they’ll do it! You can literally type in the name of the place and what you want them to get and they’ll get it!

Get $5 in Favor money when you use code GINGH6!


Alcohol Delivery App


DRINKS ON DECK! haha I probably shouldn’t sound that excited but imagine this. You’re planning a dinner party for your girlfriends and you realize that you don’t have enough wine? You don’t have time to leave the house so what do you do? You order some from Minibar! They even have mixers, fruit, you name it!

Get $10 off your first order with code GH075260


Beauty Delivery App


I LOVE this service! You can hire someone to come to where you are to do your nails, makeup, hair, facial, massage, YOU NAME IT! I mean, that pretty much sums it up. They’ll glam you up girl!

Gas Delivery App

Booster Fuels

If you’re like me, you rush to work on an empty tank of gas on occasion. I’m running late all the time but Booster will come to your job and fill up your tank for you! How cool is that?

Use this link and receive 10 cents off per gallon for the next 30 days: https://gas.gift/GINGER70


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You mean to tell me there's a delivery app for hairstylists? Sign me up!

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  1. I wish I could have everything delivered! That would be awesome…though I’d probably never leave the house again. lol. Another food delivery app that’s used a lot here in France is Deliveroo.

  2. Girllll, these are great!!! I’m loving Door Dash, Instacart and Favor out of what you recommended! Talk about spoiled with BeGLAMMED! That may be a great idea to spoil someone for a gift if they live far away…

    I’m DEF recommending BoosterFuels to a friend because he likes to live life “on the edge” lol! I’ve never tried any delivery app before so thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I LOVE the idea of having my gas delivered! That way, the next time I’ve waited too long to fill up, I don’t look like an idiot 🙂 Great list of apps to check out!

  4. These apps sound awesome especially the gas app. I am guilty of driving until I reach 17 miles to E every week. It drives my husband insane lol. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great list! Uber Eats unfortunately doesn’t deliver to me (literally 2 min away from where they do deliver though, ugh). Hopefully soon!

  6. This is awesome! I cook a lot, but sometimes it’s just easier to order out and I’m always looking for options other than pizza and Chinese. I love that you included grocery and beauty delivery apps too! So cool!

  7. I had no idea that there were so many delivery apps! To think I can even get alcohol delivered- how cool is that! I am going to have to check into some of these!

  8. When I lived in Dallas and Favor just came out, I relied on it for food and everything. I once broke my leg and got them the deliver me crutches from CVS so I could get to the hospital. I loved that app, I miss it in California though.

  9. I want to download all of these ASAP…. ha ha. I have not tried any of theses and I did not know gas delivery existed, that’s genius. I have done the Kroger and Wal-mart grocery online ordering and pick up. Delivery sounds a lot nicer!!!

  10. OMG this is so helpful!! I am right there with you when it comes to LOVING my delivery apps, especially uber eats and amazon prime!! haha but I didnt realize they had a beauty and gas one too, that is soooooo good to know! I have been wanting to try mini bar just never think of it ha but I will test it out and for sure use that code! hah

  11. Shut UP! Where have I been that I didn’t know I could have alcohol and manicures coming to ME?? I was thinking, “Gee. I really need to try the grocery delivery services.” And now this! THANK YOU for sharing 🙂

  12. I have always been a very satisfied customer of uber. I had not heard that there now in the food delivery business. This is an app I will be looking into right away. This would be so great for the office team. We order out all the time but someone is always inconvenienced by having to complete the pickup.

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