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Did you know the average woman in the United states wears a 36C bra while most sports bras are only built for A and B-cup women? As a tall, curvy girl it is hard to find sports bras that fits. In most cases, I find myself settling with the larges and extra-larges they have available in the store. Well after my trip to Title Nine , I will be settling no more. Not only did I get a sports bra for free, but you can win a free one as well! Keep reading for details!


A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com

Last week I was invited to Title Nine’s Fit Fest at their Dallas location.


A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com


They showed us around, and let us try on some of their many sports bras to find one that fit us perfectly. The thing I loved most about title nine was that they carried sizes 32AA to size 48F! Not only that, but they test their sports bras and have found just the right ones to support our workouts and our curves!


A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com


I was able to work with one of the expert bra fit specialists, or #bravangelists, to find the perfect bra for me (pictured below)! Not only is it cute and comfortable, but my tatas don’t go ANYWHERE when I’m wearing it. That’s quite the achievement!


A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com


One thing I love about it is that the straps are adjustable on each side. So if you’re like me, and one of your melons is a little bigger than the other, you can adjust the straps so you aren’t uncomfortable.


The next thing we on the agenda at #T9FitFest, was to participate in the Bounce-athalon! It is just what it sounds like, we bounced around to make sure that the sports bra kept our bubbies in place! This was by far my favorite part of the event!


A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com


Don’t miss out on the fun! You too can get a personalized bra fit with a Title Nine Bravangelist at Title Nine Dallas’s Fit Fest on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. RSVP at http://bit.ly/T9Dallas_fitfest.

We had a BALL!

A Sports Bra for Every Size | www.thegingermarieblog.com


Lucky for you gals, Title One was kind enough to let me give one of my readers a FREE SPORTS BRA! Whaaaat? All you have to do, is click the button below and tweet your heart away (just once) to enter!



This contest is open to anyone in the US and will include a personalized fitting (either in-store or by-phone, depending on location) and one bra. Winners within driving distance of a Title Nine store will be asked to redeem their prize at the closest/preferred retail location.


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  1. Oh my goodness, YES. Seriously to ALL the sports bra things in this post.

    When I was training for a full marathon, I noticed my sports bras were getting pretty sad. And since I’ve got a larger chest, that made training tough. So the lovely ladies at Title Nine helped me out!

    I absolutely need to go back now that I’m about to get back into running again after having a baby and get them to size me up!

    1. Right? They’re very much so important! And good for you getting back in the swing of things!

  2. I could use a new sports bra! These look great.

  3. I am so sad that I had to miss this event, but super excited that I’ve still got a chance to win a bra! It’s always the worst when you have to buy the L or XL to find out that they never fit quite right. I hope I win!

    1. Yeah, I love that they go by actual size and not the general L and XL! Good luck!

  4. wow what a great event sounds really fun, the chance to win such a great bra is top of the list here as well
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks! Their sports bras are amazing!

  5. Omgosh! This store looks awesome! I wish they had some in my area. The only option I have for these tatas is VS! The ball bouncing idea is hilarious, what a personal touch.

    1. Haha the ball bouncing was hilarious! They also have hula hoops!

    2. They have a website too! So awesome. You can still win a bra from there if you’d like to sign up!

  6. A plus size sports bra actually exists? I find such a wonderful thing fascinating! The ones I find even at places that sell plus size clothes never really… support. The idea of one that supports AND isn’t in boring white or black? That’s just… crazy talk! 🙂

    1. Girl, YES! I was so excited! And they’re actually reasonably priced too, especially for the quality!

  7. How fun!! And yes, keeping the girls reigned in can be a full time job! I need to check out the Title 9 selections for sure!!!

    1. You would go crazy in there, Samma!! I know I did!

    2. That is a TASK! You should! Its awesome!

  8. What a fun looking group of gals,I love it and congrats on a great event.


  10. 1. super cute blog!!
    2. Thanks for this! I absolutely love sports bras! Getting a new one makes me so much more motivated to work out haha!

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck in the giveaway!!

  11. First up, that sounds like a ridiculous amount of fun. Secondly, I so badly need a sports bra. Like a moron, I stupidly signed up for a half marathon (this is hilarious because I can’t even run around the block without peeing my pants and/or wheezing) and it was abundantly clear that the stretched out sports bra I think was going to work definitely will not. Mostly because I felt in real danger of punching myself in the face with a boob. No bueno.

    1. OMG! You are CRAZY! I would literally die if I did a half right now. lol.

  12. I’ve heard such good things! Who couldn’t use a comfortable, supportive sports bra! 😉

  13. This is so awesome! if only i didnt live in Canada… i would def be signing up for this contest! Loving all the colors

  14. I am really in need of a new sports bra, and these look so pretty! Thanks for a great contest 🙂

  15. A bounce-a-thon! Now that’s how you test bra size.

  16. Oh my gosh, as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness addict with a C-cup chest, this made my day!!!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like it! Good luck in the contest!

  17. This looked so fun! I’m so glad you had a great time. Awesome to see so many ambassadors in one place 🙂

    1. Yes! It was a blast! Anthony totally wanted to buy the lobster you tried but I told him you said it wasn’t worth it! Thanks for saving us 30 bucks. haha

  18. I would love to try one of their bras. They always look really nice, supportive, and comfortable.

    1. They’re amazing! When I tell you I have no bounce during zumba classes, that is IMPRESSIVE!

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