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FOOD. FITNESS. TRAVEL. As long as those three things are in the picture, Ginger Harper is a happy camper! Ginger moved to Dallas, TX a year after her first visit. The determining factor? A sushi roll she tried that had tuna, avocado, and strawberries. If that doesn’t tell you how important food is to her, I don’t know what will.

Ginger travels far and wide in search of good food and adventure. But, she loves getting in a good sweat sesh too. Whether it’s walking around downtown, paddle-boarding on the local lake, or hiking through the woods she always finds an active way to see the cities she visits. While outdoor workouts are her jam, she can also be found in a dance, pilates, or barre class. If you catch her in a spin class, she was probably forced by one of her friends.

Ginger became a bit of a hipster over the past few years and she’s not quite sure how it happened. Because of that, she’s always sharing (and trying) non-toxic beauty products, weird healthy snacks, and size-inclusive clothing lines.

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