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2018 Gift Guide (With Stuff You Can Actually Afford)

I love a good holiday gift guide. Learning about new products and thinking about the smile it will put on someone’s face gets me super excited. That being said, every gift guide I’ve seen this year is full of expensive gifts! I love my people, but I can’t be out here spending hundreds of dollars on gifts this year. Your girl is moving next month! So, I created a gift guide full of items that are under $50. In fact, over half of them are under $25!

This post contains affiliate links.


1. Collagen Sampler | 2. Collagen Eye Gels | 3. Y et Beaute Lipstick | 4. Rose Gold Reusable Straws | 5. Barre Fitness Guide | 6. Tropical Hibiscus Collagen | 7. Commuter Backpack | 8. Self Love Ritual Set | 9. Kendra Scott Magenta Earrings | 10. Under Eye Concealer | 11. Bearpaw Slippers | 12. Milk Foundation | 13. Lighted Purse Organizer | 14. Yoga Mat Rap | 15. Lace Robe | 16. Capture Your Style | 17. Coconut Milk Bath Soak | 18. Lasagna Trio Pan | 19. Denture Ice | 20. Takeya Water Bottle | 21. Phonograph | 22. Photo Album | 23. Gold Ring Set | 24. Floral Bag | 25. Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook | 26. Mug Holder | 27. Jade Roller + Gua Sha | 28. Tempo Travel Hat | 29. Rainbow Hoops | 30. Cravings 2 | 31. ILIA lipstick | 32. Ponytail Elastics | 33. Happy Planner | 34. Oil Diffuser | 35. Fur Wedge Sneakers | 36. Fanny Pack


$50 and Under Holiday Gift Guide

Beauty Products

Great news – each of these products are on the non-toxic spectrum! I try my best to use non-toxic, paraben free, and/or vegan products when possible. There’s a blog post coming on that soon.

Honest Hazel Collagen Eye Gels (2)

These are great for those late nights and early mornings. They hydrate your eyes and help to reduce puffiness.

Y et Beaute Lipstick (3) +  ILIA lipstick (31)

Both of these lippies are super moisturizing and show up well on all skin tones.

Self Love Ritual Set (8)

I’m pretty much obsessed with all things Herbivore, so seeing this set for so cheap had me like, “woah!” The ladies in your life will love how soft their skin is after they use these!

Under Eye Concealer  (10)

This is the best dang concealer I’ve ever used. The fact that it’s paraben and silicone free blows my mind!  It Cosmetics also has some pretty good mascara that I use too.

Milk Foundation (12)

Wow. The way this stuff blends into my skin is amazing. I’d say it gives about medium coverage  and is pretty light on the face – which is exactly how I like it!

Coconut Milk Bath Soak (17)

Gosh I can’t wait until I get an apartment with a bath tub again so I can use this stuff! Herbivore does it again!

Jade Roller + Gua Sha (27)

More things to depuff the face! If you follow me on the gram you know I live for my jade roller. I recently added the gua sha to my routine and it is life cahnging. Got my face looking all thin! Bye Bye puffy cheeks! (jk they’re still there but they look slimmer to me!!)

Ponytail Elastics (32)

I mean, who doesn’t need more of these?

Collagen Sampler  (1) +  Tropical Hibiscus Collagen  (6)

Vital Proteins is the tits! It has so many benefits I can’t even explain them all here. I included the sampler (in case your friend is a first-timer and wants to try all the things), and the Tropical Hibiscus because it is my all-time favorite flavor!

House Stuff

These are things any gal would love to have around their house! No matter if it’s helping make the place cuter, smell fresh, or saving the turtles with every use. I also included some books here (mainly because they didn’t fit in any other section lmfao)

Rose Gold Reusable Straws (4)

I mean, if for nothing other than the fact they’re rose gold, you should get these immediately! Keep your friend’s place a little more eco-friendly and help save the turtles for real!

Yoga Mat Rap (14)

I love how small and easy to use these are! Plus, they help keep your yoga mats rolled up and out of the way. Easy to grab and take with you to class! 25% off Prana purchases – GHARprAna25

Lasagna Trio Pan (18)

Bruh! I am here for anything that allows me to make three dishes at once. Imagine all the zoodle lasagnas someone could make with this bad boy! Or all the different frittatas they can make so everyone in the fam eats the flavor they like!

Denture Ice (19)

I just thought this was hilarous.

Phonograph (21)

I would seriously set this right outside my shower while I’m getting ready in the morning! IDK about y’all, but I love to feel the funk out while I’m washing off all the…well, funk.

Photo Album (22)

Remember the days when people would give you a photo album full of pictures and it would make your heart warm? Well guess what! It still has the same effect. How thoughtful a gift like this would be. Your mom would totally cry.

Floral Bag (24)

How cute is this for a makeup bag?! Plus it travels easy.

Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook (25)

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, let me tell you it is the only appliance that I use every single week. I love that this cookbook has tons of healthy recipes in it!

Mug Holder (26)

Because chances are your bestie has waaaay too many coffee cups taking up valuable storage space.

Cravings 2 (30)

Yet another cookbook – but this one ain’t as healthy. Can we talk about how bomb these recipes look though? And who doesn’t love Chrissy Tiegen?

Oil Diffuser (34)

These things can be a total mood changer!  I’m here for essential oils. Lavender and night time really does put me to sleep.

Barre Fitness Guide (5)

Janna’s 3 month fitness guide has been whooping my butt! If your friend is fitness focused, or wants to be next year, you should definitely get this! It’s super affordable and you don’t need a gym membership to follow it!


Clothing + Accessories

I love each of these pieces because they either bring comfort, glam, or simplicity to my life!

Commuter Backpack (7)

OMG! I bought this yesterday and I’m totally obsessed. It makes a super cute purse, backpack. and shoulder bag!!

Kendra Scott Magenta Earrings (9)

The color of these are everything! With my hair, I’m always here for big earrings.

Lighted Purse Organizer (13)

How genius is this? Do you know how often my phone almost dies because I’m using the flashlight to see the bottom of my purse?!

Lace Robe (15)

I mean. This looks super fancy and is super cheap.

Gold Ring Set (23)

A few words of encouragement that you can wear? Yes please!

Rainbow Hoops (29)

Again with the earrings – so cute!

Fur Wedge Sneakers (35)

Comfy and adorbs!

Fanny Pack (36)

This is a Gucci knockoff and I’m here for it! More hand space to do things (like hold wine and food)

Bearpaw Slippers (11)

OMG! These are so cute. They look and feel super luxurious but they’re super affordable. I can’t get over the color!

Tempo Travel Hat (28)

The cutest hat that goes with almost anything! My friend, Kelsey, once shared that she gets hit on SO MUCH MORE when she’s wearing a hat than when she’s not! How crazy is that? Pro tips for the win! 25% off Prana purchases – GHARprAna25

Happy Planner (33)

I used one of these this year and have loved it! Of course I’m obsessed with any kind of stationery so it doesn’t take much to impress me there. #NoShame


Welp! That’s is – my 2018 gift guide with stuff you can actually afford. It may or may not be full of things I love or want for Christmas. I also may or may not be sending this link to all of my loved ones so they know what to get me this year. I’m also accepting money #noshame. I hope y’all have the best holiday season and get to spend it with the people who love you the most!

If I left anything off the list, let me know in the comments below! I may or may not want to know what’s on your list so I can add more things to my personal one. lol