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Basis Peak Smart Watch Review

This is my Basis Peak Smart Watch Review. I did not receive any free products for doing this review. All opinions are my own. There may be affiliate links in this post.

Last year, when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I needed a new fitness tracker. The one I had didn’t do much more than tell me the distance I went on runs, and I wanted something that got a little more in depth. There are a TON of fitness trackers out on the market, each of them with different abilities than the next. So, I was a bit overwhelmed when he asked, “Which one?”. Well, I did my research online and came across the Rolls-Royce of fitness trackers, The Basis Peak. There are many reasons why I picked the Basis Peak. Here is  why I think its the best fitness tracker out there.



Basis Peak Smart Watch Review |


  • The ability to track heart rate.

This was a big one for me because I didn’t want to have to wear a strap on my chest just to know my hear rate. It is really convenient to be able to wear a smart watch that will track it all for me.

Basis Peak Smart Watch Review |


  • It has an easy to use touch screen.

Most of the trackers that were out when Anthony bought this for me didn’t have a screen at all. And if they did, the screen only displayed the time. I like that I can swipe left right and upward on the Basis Peak, and each screen will have a different way to show me what’s going on with my workout.

  • The different things it can tell me about my workout and my day.

Aside tracking your steps, the basis peak tells me how long I’ve been active, and can tell if I’ve been walking, running, or riding a bike. It also lets me know when I have an incoming call, text, or email. As well as if I have an upcoming appointment. On top of all that, it has the ability to tell me how many calories I’ve burned, and even has a timer.

Basis Peak Smart Watch Review |


  • It tracks your sleep.

 The Basis Peak is at work, even when you aren’t! It shows you how well you are sleeping and how many times you wake up in the middle of the night. It will even send you a weekly look at how you slept so you can find ways to make your sleep more consistent.

  • The interchangeable straps for the Basis Peak make are amazing!

When Anthony first bought the peak, I had the one that came in white. As I opened my presents, I found that he also bought me the cute pink one on the end of the picture above. I really liked the look of it, but I eventually wanted something that looked a little more professional for work. So, I bought the gorgeous pink leather strap for it, which is pictured below! I absolutely love it. While they don’t suggest working out with the leather one on, I haven’t run into any issues yet.

Basis Peak Smart Watch Review |



  • The Basis Peak app gives you an even more in depth look at your day, and night.

The app for the Basis Peak is also one of my favorite features. It gives you an overview of your entire day and it will even tell you about your week! Not to mention, it can track your sleep! You can unlock habits that you will want to reach, which are meant to build consistency for your activity and sleep. It will also pair with the Health App, and Runtastic!

Basis Peak Smart Watch Review |


As you can see, I am pretty much in love with my Basis Peak! It tells me SO much about my workouts and keeps me motivated with the Habits feature. The Basis Peak sales for $199.99 on the Basis Peak website, which is a really good price for all that it does.

I even found one on Amazon that is only $162.84. Here is my affiliate link to that one: Basis Peak Smart Watch

Do you use a fitness tracker? If so, what kind?
What is your favorite feature about the Basis Peak?