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Getting A Sweat Sesh In With Beyond Pilates Frisco

Ain’t no party like a Beyond Pilates Frisco party cause a Beyond Pilates Frisco party don’t stop! Or at least that’s how it felt while I was sweating up a storm in their class this past Sunday. Some of my favorite Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and I went out to Frisco to visit the new Beyond Pilates studio! They just opened in January and have created the most beautiful space to lay your sweat to rest. That sounds gross, but the space IS beautiful and you will DEFINITELY break a sweat!


What I liked about Beyond Pilates Frisco!

First of all, this studio offers a lot more than just a class. They have a play area for kids (for all the mamas out there that need to get a sweat in.) Plus, they have cute workout clothes for you to purchase if you want to look bangin’ while you’re getting your fitness on.


I love that I left the class covered in sweat. There’s nothing like a sweaty workout to leave you feeling mad accomplished. From the warm up to the cool down, I was actively working my muscles and being pushed past my comfort zone. I loved that we did such a wide range of exercises from standing, to laying on our backs, but the instructor never took it easy on us. Which brings me to what I didn’t like…



What I didn’t like…

This class was hard AF!!! I’m used to the fun pilates classes where you’re bouncing around bringing out your inner kid. But man, that instructor did NOT take it easy on us! Did it make for a good workout? Yes. But does it matter if I’m 5 lunges away from cussing someone out? You’d think I would have learned my lesson the last time I went to a Beyond Studios class but apparently I did not. Lol. I never feel as out of shape as I do when I go to one of these classes. Weirdly enough, I still want to take them again because I’m competitive AF and want to master the class eventually.



The Verdict

Would I take another class? Yes. Would I complain the whole time and then again after it’s over with? Abso-freaking-lutely. If you’re looking for a workout that looks easy but ends up kicking your butt to Mars, then this class is for you!

Well, while you’re deciding, check out these pictures of me learning how to pose with @maribelmoralesphoto !! Coming to Instagram soon..



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