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Cleanse Thyself Purely Spa Review

Every health nut knows that good diet and exercise are essential for good health. Well recently, I got the chance to take it beyond good food and burpees and went to try out Cleanse Thyself Purely spa in Dallas. They are passionate about providing services that not only remove toxins from your body, but that are […]

Customize Your Massage At Spavia In Plano

If you know me, you know I am always busy. Between working, going to events, and (more recently) planning events, life can get a bit hectic. While I enjoy doing all of those things, I can certainly appreciate my alone time to relax. So when Spavia reached out to me to come in and review their services, […]

How To Get Free Stuff Online

    I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like to get free stuff. As a blogger, I get free stuff all the time. But this post, isn’t just for bloggers. This post is for anyone who uses the internet, likes to get free stuff, and likes to talk about the things they get […]