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Weekend City Guide to Houston Texas (Uptown)

Houston is so big, that you’re basically visiting two different cities if you go to both Uptown AND Downtown. Because of that, I’m splitting the city up and writing this post about things to do in Uptown Houston. My blogger bestie, Shasha, and I went to Houston recently to host a Comp Camp workshop. When we weren’t spreading all of our travel knowledge with other bloggers, we were pretty much stuffing our faces and shopping until we dropped. Here is where we stayed, and (most importantly) what we ate!



Where To Stay In Uptown Houston

Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston

Stay here for the art and for the location! We hosted Comp Camp at the Royal Sonesta and it went off without a hitch! The team there was super friendly, and the bites they provided our guests were phenomenal! It’s a great place to host conferences and events, but chances are you just need a place to lay your head at night! Luckily, they have beds for that!


[supsystic-gallery id=27]


On site, Royal Sonesta also has a fitness center, a cafe, and a restaurant.  While I didn’t eat in the restaurant, I did have some of the food they brought out to our event. Lets just say, I hung out by the displays a little longer than I probably should have.


[supsystic-gallery id=28]


Not to mention, all the photo opps around the hotel. The artwork at every corner made it a blogger’s dream! Even the staircases were royally spiraled. Of course, my favorite work of art was…..the wine wall.


[supsystic-gallery id=29]


Where To Eat In Uptown Houston


Dish Society

We went to Dish Society for breakfast on our first morning in Houston. I was excited to see they had a fridge full of kombucha when I walked in. In my experience, places with kombucha tend to have good, clean food. I ordered the Brisket and Eggs, and Shasha ordered the House Omelet and added meat. The food was pretty good. Honestly, the flavor was there but I wouldn’t call what I had brisket. It reminded me more of a pot roast. The flavor was great, but again. I wouldn’t call it brisket (especially not in Texas).



Adair Kitchen

In case you didn’t know, one of my best friends name’s is Adair. That has nothing to do with why we chose Adair Kitchen, but we both thought it was pretty cool. Anyways, Shasha picked this place because she heard from a few people that they were great for brunch! Despite the line being out the door on a cold day, this was probably one of my favorite foodie adventures during our weekend in Houston. Literally everything was good.

PS, you’ll have to forgive my horrible photography. After waiting in that line and finally ordering my food, I was far too hungry to set up a pretty picture. 



I ordered the avocado toast with (chicken?) sausage and poached eggs. It came with a side of DELICIOUS hash browns. They were so good, I forked Shasha’s plate and ate some of hers. Just trying to save her some unnecessary calories. That’s what good friends are for!


Peli Peli Kitchen

Peli Peli Kitchen hosted us on our last night out for a South African FEAST! I’d never tried South African food, but I’m really into international noms so I had a pretty good feeling I would like it. While I would never go there if I was on a diet, I would DEFINITELY visit on a weekend when I have zero cares to give! The food was super flavorful. So much so, that we ended up getting seconds just to take home with us.


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In Conclusion

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit too many places to “hang out” while we were in H-Town. I’ll definitely have to make another trip to see what there is to do during the day there. Although, I did go to a bar/club one night that really made me feel older than I am. I’ll keep those pictures to myself, but know that the night was a good one. I’ll definitely be hitting Houston up again in the future, and I can’t wait to see what else it has to offer. As always, I will update this list with more fun stops whenever I go back! Until then, you can keep up with my shenanigans on Instagram (the stories are the best part).



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