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How I Became Comfortable In My Plus-Size Skin

For most of my adult life, I’ve been one of the biggest of all my friends. But, if you think being plus-size stops me from rocking crop tops and sports bras, well you must be new around here and I’m SO excited you found my little piece of the interwebs.

The clothes featured in this post were gifted to me by my friends over at prAna! Of course, everything I put on my blog is my honest opinion and I only share products I can vouch for!

Disclaimer: If you’ve been around these parts a few times before, you may remember a blog post I did a while back about weight loss and weight gain. At no point do I want you to think that I strive to be overweight (which I am). Healthy is my ultimate goal and that’s going to be my focus no matter my size. The point of this blog post is to show you how I’m confident in my skin no matter my size, and what it took to get me to this place! As a matter of fact, if I’m getting REALLY real, I’m more confident now at a size 16/18 than I was back when I was a size 8.

Okay, now that you’ve read my backstory, on to the fun stuff! Here’s how I became SO comfortable in my own plus-size skin, despite my few (lmfao) flaws.

1. “I Blame Lena Dunham”

Last year (or maybe the year before) I started watching Girls on HBO and was SHOCKED that there was a not-tiny-af character that was CONSTANTLY bearing all on international TV! If you like TV, I highly recommend you check out the series (for reasons other than seeing Lena Dunham in panties 90% of the time.) Either way, it was really empowering to see a woman so confident in her body no matter the setting. She just rocked it because it was hers.


2. I just started wearing sports bras in public.

Doesn’t matter if it was a fitness class, brunch with friends, or rando trip to Target! The more I started wearing sports bras in public, the more I felt comfortable, and eventually sexy AF in my digs! Even if it makes you nervous, or you think people will say something about you, DO IT! Wear what you want, when you want because most people either A.) Don’t care (they have enough stuff to worry about in their lives) or B.) Don’t matter (because really, if people have mean thoughts, that’s between them and The Lord!)

3. I keep real ones near me at all times.

I’ve said this so many times on this blog, but that’s only because it’s important AF. I surround myself with people that love me and tell me I look good (unless I’m trying to leave the house looking crazy….then they’ll put me in check real quick.) The point is, if your friends are telling you to cover up, and that your clothes are too revealing when you’re only wearing the same types of things they are, it’s probably their own insecurities spilling onto you. I freaking love seeing plus-size queens rock it in sports bras, bathing suits, and form fitting dresses because all bodies are beautiful. You wanna know why all bodies are beautiful? BECAUSE THEY’RE JUST THAT…bodies! They aren’t the person inside of them. They aren’t the friends we love or the mothers we cherish. They’re nothing but flesh and so long as your personality shines through, you look good girl!

Bonus Jonas

We all get a little wrapped up in sizes, but sometimes that can make things worst. No matter what your size, find brands that make clothes that are comfortable for you to wear and that squeeze your curves in all the right places! Don’t try to squeeze into that size 12 just because some company decided they don’t want to be inclusive!! Wear your size proudly because ya look good girl!!

I was recently introduced to prAna and was SO excited to see that they carry sizes XS-3X! They sent me a few pieces (pictured) from their Cozy Up line and I couldn’t wait for it to cool down so I could wear them. Oh, no…I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. I literally couldn’t wait and have been wearing them around the house and on Target runs since I received them.

My favorite thing about the Cozy Up line so far is that it’s super soft. It’s made with Hemp and the pieces are actually odor-reducing and UPF 30+!  Because of that, they’re great pieces for when you’re going on a hike or farmer’s market on a crisp day!

The best part is they gave an affiliate code to share with y’all, so you can get 25% off your purchases through the end of the year! The code is GHARprAna25!

Those are 3 of the ways I found comfort in my plus-size skin. No matter what your size, shape, or color, I hope you love the skin you’re in too! If you have other ways that you grew comfortable, let me know in the comments below!!


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