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6 Ways To Cope With Stress At Work

This post has been sponsored by Celestial Seasonings TeaWell. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before this week even started, I knew that my stress levels would be high. I’m gonna be out of town for the next 7 days, so I needed to not only be caught up on work but get ahead of things so I can unplug on vacay. While my job isn’t typically a stressful one, I do feel a bit of pressure from time to time. Luckily, I have a few ways of avoiding and coping with stressful moments at work so they don’t get the best of me.

Pomodoro Technique

This is my number one way of staying stress free in the workplace. The Pomodoro Technique is a genius method of time management. You basically use a timer to break down your work into intervals. For 25 minutes, you’ll work. Then, you take a five minute break. You HAVE to stop working after 25 minutes so you can give your mind a chance to take some time off. After you do it four times, take a longer break. This helps me stay on task, but it also helps me figure out how long it takes me to do certain tasks so I can plan ahead in the future.

Sip The Tea

Not that kind of tea girl—shady boots only add to my stress in the workplace. Literally sip some tea! There’s something about the act of making, pouring, and sipping tea that makes me feel more calm. I’ve been drinking Celestial Seasonings TeaWell Organic Daily Wellness Teas and love that it has so many other benefits on top of calming me down. There are five flavors of Celestial Seasonings TeaWell: Organic Honey Lemon, Organic Lemon Chamomile, Organic Matcha Green, Organic Ginger Mint, and Organic Turmeric Spice. I typically order them from Amazon and have them shipped right to my job, but you can find them at a store near you.


They’re made with a blend of herbs and botanicals to support the mind and body. For instance, they have panax ginseng, which helps revitalize the mind and ward off fatigue. The Matcha Green is great for when I need a boost, and the Turmeric Spice is my go-to for when I’m feeling anxious.

Stretch It Out

Stretching is such an easy way for me to relieve stress at my desk. No matter if I’m stretching out my legs, arms, or abs, it helps me breathe, focus, and relax (even if just for a moment). I also use this time to take a minute to breathe…which leads me into my next point. Sometimes, I’ll put my headphones on and listen to my favorite music (bonus points if you can name what artist that is). He always either calms me down or hypes me up—either way, it works for me! Haha


Let me start by saying that my idea of meditating may not be the same as others. It’s pretty hard for me to sit still for long periods of time. Plus, I’m not trying to relax TOO much while I’m at work. When I do meditate at work, I try to go into an empty conference room and find my focus. Depending on my needs that day, I’ll take the time to think about what tasks I have and work through which ones to finish first. Or, I’ll go to simply breathe and remove myself from the sounds and voices of other people. It also helps for me to bring in a cup of Celestial Seasonings TeaWell so I can really chill out.


I use aromatherapy more as a preventative measure than a reactive one. My coworkers and I all like having an essential oil diffuser running whenever we’re hard at work on a big project. I’m big into eucalyptus and citrus smells, while others are into lavender. I like lavender, too, but honestly, it puts me to sleep every time. That’s a little TOO calm for work, so we use it sparingly.

If I’m being reactive (hey, it happens), another good tip that I love is to use aromatherapy lotion and apply it to pressure points! Normally I’ll rub it on my hands, inhale it through my nose, then massage my temples for a moment of serenity.

Take a Hike

In general, I like to walk around the office for about 5 minutes every hour. Sometimes that just means walking to the water machine or the restroom. But if I’m having a really bad day, sometimes I just need to escape. Run towards the light. GTFO!

These days are few and far between, but sometimes it helps to walk it out and give myself some time to process. Sometimes I’ll walk with a coworker (who isn’t working my last nerve) but other times, I’ll just walk solo with my Celestial Seasonings TeaWell. Either way, the exercise doesn’t hurt.

Those are my favorite ways to deal with stress and anxiety at work. I would LOVE to hear some of yours as well. Let me know in the comments below if you practice any of these or others I didn’t mention.

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