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Crunch and Brunch at Vital Fitness

Who here works out to eat? (Insert hand-raising emoji) Obviously, my ultimate goal is to get in shape and lose weight, but this girl certainly enjoys a good brunch! Luckily for me, Vital Fitness has come up with the PERFECT combination for fitness enthusiasts with foodie tendencies. Crunch and Brunch is very much what it sounds like. First you get in an hour long workout, then you head up to Americano for delicious brunch!



The Workout

When it comes to the workout portion of Crunch and Brunch, you have two choices: a cycling¬†class or a group fitness class! So that we could get an idea of what both classes were like, we did 30 minutes of each! Honestly, this was the first time I was able to survive a spin class. Partly because it was only 30 minutes, and partly because I was NOT about to stand up! In fact, the one time I did try to stand up I fell off my bike and busted my butt!! I would say that was embarrassing buuuuut stuff like that happens to me every day so I’m used to it, and so are my friends. But I digress.





The group fitness class we chose was their V3 class. It’s basically a blend of HIIT workouts, strength training, and a vinyasa flow class all in one. To say it was intense would be an understatement, but we survived knowing that brunch was in the near future.





The Brunch

After breaking many sweats, we headed upstairs to Americano for a well-deserved brunch. We sat at their indoor patio area which gave us a gorgeous view of the city. There’s something about being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of downtown that’s so relaxing. Plus the lighting was perfect for picture taking.



As an appetizer, they brought everyone some house-made nutella filled doughnuts. I only allowed myself one of these, but that took some serious restraint. For my meal, I chose the American Breakfast! It was your basic bacon and eggs type of breakfast, but I did mine with bacon and sausage (because I was hungry af after that workout). My friend Brittany, of FitXBrit, ordered the breakfast pizza. I must say I’m not normally a fan of breakfast pizzas, but it was DANK! SO freaking good! When I go back, that’s what I’ll order for sure!






My Takeaways From Crunch and Brunch

All together, Crunch and Brunch is a great idea! I love that Vital Fitness is perfectly nestled in downtown Dallas, and honestly I love how personal it feels when you get there. Everyone that worked there was super sweet and clearly cared about my experience. You can feel the love as soon as you walk into the locker rooms because they have all of the essentials you could possibly need before and after a workout.



Americano is a gorgeous, open restaurant that gives you the feel of eating outside, without the iffy weather conditions. In fact the interior is so great, my friend Busy Being Shasha just had a photoshoot there for her blog! The food was great! Like I said, I loved the breakfast pizza and will be going back for more before I start my January diet. Their sausage is really good too, but I’m not too big on the bacon. I like mine pretty soft and fatty, but this was lean and had bite to it. My table buddies had no problem scarfing down my leftovers.


If you want to try Crunch and Brunch at Vital Fitness, check out their website here for more information. I’m also giving away a free month of classes on Instagram next week! Make sure you’re following me @gingermarieblog so you can sign up!

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