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Austin, TX Dairy Free Food Tour

Finding a good spot to eat in Austin is like finding hay in a haystack – they’re all good. Luckily, the same goes for trying to find dairy free food! I went down last weekend for a girl’s trip with my friend, Sylvia! How freaking fun it was to run all around town and crash parties and events that I didn’t pay to get into. I literally got into a Sony party because I was wearing my Sony camera around my neck! It was awesome. But all that running gets a girl hungry, so here is what I ate while I was in town.


Hillside Farmacy

1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Come here for fresh, farm-to-table food and beautiful design. Your inner hipster will have a field day with things like┬áhouse made turmeric, ginger, lemon & cracked pepper soda on the menu (yes, that is all used to describe one healthy AF drink). I ordered their Smokey Denmark Bangers (sausage) & Eggs and it was delicious. Their prices aren’t too out of this world either, with the most expensive breakfast item being $14!

Taqueria Guadalajara Arandas

6534 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

CHEAP MEXICAN FOOD! I literally ate here for under $5 after tip. I don’t know about y’all, but I get REAL excited when my food is under $5 (mostly because that NEVER happens). That being said, I ordered 3 breakfast tacos and they were bomb! I will say I was a little shocked by how literal the menu was. My ham and egg taco literally had sliced ham and eggs. But I highly recommend asking for spicy salsa and green sauce. They brought everything to life.


Wu Chow

500 W 5th St #168, Austin, TX 78701

I tried going to this place last year when I was in Austin, because I heard they had the BEST soup dumplings. Unfortunately, they were closed for “A Day Without Immigrants“. I was SO sad, but I understood the reasoning behind it. This year when I went I was so excited to eat there that I showed up 30 minutes before they opened and just waited. #noshame I finally got to eat my beloved soup dumplings and they were delicious!

They were a lot more tender than ones I’ve had in the past. While I honestly missed the “bite” I was used to, I would order these time and time again because they were GOOD. We also had the Singapore Noodles and the Two-Faced Crispy Noodles. Both were phenomenal.

One thing I also liked about the restaurant was that they bring your food out as soon as it’s ready, so everything doesn’t necessarily come out at once. Call me crazy, but I like my hot food hot and my cold food cold, so this was perfectly fine by me! Plus they bring you endless amounts of rice. I mean, we were full after one bowl but next time I might put a hurting on ’em!

The Peached Tortilla

5520 Burnet Rd #100, Austin, TX 78756

When I heard the name, I just knew we were going to a Mexican joint. Nope, it’s a Southern/Asian food spot and it was freaking great. We started with the “Banchan” Pickles and Charred Brussels. Both were really freaking great (yup)! The pickles came with pickles, pickled cauliflower, and kimchi. The kimchi wasn’t spicy (le sigh), but it was still pretty tasty. The cauliflower and pickles were both bomb! OMG and don’t even get me started on the Brussels. I thought we were going to have to fight over the last one in the bowl!

Food Trucks

Happy Lobster Truck

Not your typical lobster roll! In fact, it’s more of a sandwich! They’re served on some type of delicious, fluffy bread that’s layered in butter then toasted on the grill. I was surprised to find that the actual lobster was cold! I didn’t think I’d like that very much, but it was pretty dang good. I will day, the servings are a good bit smaller than I expected. Nonetheless, I would eat it again. However, I’d skip the fries – there was nothing to write home about there.


Now, I didn’t eat here myself. But the way Sylvia scarfed down that dang food was impressive. I’m telling y’all, we took this picture and about 30 minutes later it was gone! So, I figured they deserved a spot on this list.


Sweet Ritual

4631 Airport Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78751

My friends were SO supportive of my dairy free diet while on this trip. So much so that they took me to a vegan ice cream shop. I don’t play around when it comes to my desserts, so believe me when I say I would go back here for seconds! The ice cream was so creamy I had to double check that it didn’t have any milk in it! I tasted most of what they had, but settled with Peanut Butter in a Red Velvet Cone! BOMB! It was so good. We all ate it until our stomachs hurt.

Welp, that was my dairy free trip to Austin. I will say while I steered clear of milk and cheese, I didn’t check the ingredients in bread and stuff I was eating because I tend not to react to it. But, I did realize how easy it was to go mostly dairy free and will be eating that way from now on as much as I can! Thanks to Austin for having so many delicious options for me!

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