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3 Reasons Why You MUST Go To Dallas Observer Iron Fork

I went to a lot of food festivals last year and Dallas Observer Iron Fork was one of my favorites! It was so cool watching some of the best chefs in Dallas go head to head and create crazy recipes out of crazier ingredients! But that’s not the only reason I loved it. So here are 3 reasons you HAVE to go to Dallas Observer Iron Fork this year!


1. All the food and drinks you can handle.

Obviously this is my favorite part. There are so many restaurants and brands at Iron Fork that you have no choice but to leave stuffed. People bring their A-game so the food is delicious. While they typically only give you sample sizes, you can always come back for more!

2. Its like watching your favorite show IRL.

I have always loved cooking competitions and seeing the most talented people come up with dishes from scratch. I tried being in a cooking competition once and failed drastically so I can understand how much goes into it! Last year, the chef from Lovers Seafood Market one and I was stoked because I’d just visited his restaurant a few weeks prior! I can’t wait to see who’s competing this year.


3. Spot your favorite food bloggers.

Last year when I went, it seemed like every food blogger in Dallas was in that joint! It was fun getting to see all my friends, and meet people that I’d been instastalking for the longest time!


Well those are 3 reasons you should go to Dallas Observer Iron Fork! If you’re reading this on 4/19/18, I have a giveaway going on on my Instagram Page where you can enter to win free tickets! Otherwise, you can get tickets here! See ya there!