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Elevated Bar Food Chelsea Corner

A few weeks ago, I went to a media dinner at Chelsea Corner off Mckinney Ave in Dallas. If I’m being completely honest, I expected them to have average bar food with average flavors that I could probably find anywhere. But, I went because 1) free food and 2) I told my friend I would go! At first glance, I was impressed with how packed this place was! Clearly that’s a good sign in Dallas. The crowd was super social and the live band was on point. But, to my surprise, the food was outstanding as well! Here’s what we tried, and a few shots of the restaurant. These photos weren’t taken by me, but I did taste everything below and was THOROUGHLY impressed!


The Space

[supsystic-gallery id=5]

I loved the space here because it creates a social atmosphere, without being too crowded. They have a huge patio out front, perfect for a large party of you and 50 of your closest friends. Plus they have a room in the back with green vine walls (which I so would have been posing in front of if it wasn’t night time). Basically, this place is totally Instagramable and socially friendly. Personally, I plan on going back to watch my Steelers play this Fall because the food was great and the atmosphere was live!


The Food



I tried both the Margarita Pizza and The Barnyard (pictured above) and both were super flavorful. Being the carnivore that I am, The Barnyard was my favorite because its topped with pepperoni, canadian bacon, ricotta, mozzarella, and spicy italian sausage. I’m also a huge fan of their crust – its not too thick, and not too thin! I definitely asked the waiter to pack some up in a box for me. SPOILER ALERT – It was perfectly delicious as my cold pizza breakfast the next morning.



Their Best Darn Steak Sandwich lived up to the name for the simple fact that they didn’t call it a Philly Cheesesteak. Nothing annoys me more than people calling a steak sandwich a philly – its not the same thing. But back to the topic at hand. This STEAK SANDWICH was freaking delicious. The grilled beef tenderloin was SO ..well, tender that I could NOT stop eating it. Plus its served on a melt in your mouth bun (that if i remember correctly was potato bread). OMG. Its literally making me hungry just writing about this sandwich. It was that good. And don’t even get me started on the Parmesan Truffle Fries. I mean. They’re not even fair.



These are Pamela’s Fish Tacos. If you’re a fish taco person – these are probably right up your alley! I can vouch for them having a lot more flavor than fish tacos that I’ve had in the past. However, I’m not a big fan of fish tacos so I can’t say this would be my choice over all of the other mouthwatering foods they serve. But again – if you’re a fish taco person, you will probably enjoy them.


Not pictured are the ridiculous chocolate chip cookies they brought out for us after our meal. I mean, I haven’t met many chocolate chip cookies that I didn’t like and these basically followed suit. I also hear that they have some pretty good pretzels and queso, which are two of my favorite things, so I’ll be trying those out on my next visit!


The Verdict

Do it. I will be going back to Chelsea Corner soon for more pizza and steak sandwiches. I loved the social vibe and live music. This place is perfect for small groups and large ones alike. Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that their restrooms are dope too. I’m seeing single rooms pop up in a few different restaurants and honestly, I love it! Having my own space, with my own sink is just a nice touch!


Have you been to Chelsea Corner? What are you excited to try from there? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if there are any restaurants you’d like for me to try out and write about, let me know that too! I’m down to try anything new!

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