My First Fitness Blogging Conference In LA

Y’all, I am STILL recovering from my first fitness blogging conference on my trip to LA last week! In case you aren’t following me on Snapchat (Seriously, what are you doing with your life?!), I was at the Blogfest! I went with some of the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and had a blast! It felt like we were going non-stop until the moment I hopped back on the plane to Dallas. I’m going to be reviewing my trip over the next couple of weeks, but first thing’s first. This is what I loved about my first fitness blogging conference!




The Learning Sessions


I learned SO much while at Blogfest this year! Here are my top takeaways from my favorite sessions at the conference:

Working With Brands

The biggest thing I took away from this session was to set expectations on both sides. The LAST thing you want to do when working with brands is to over-promise and under-deliver! Also, know that brands really want to work with people that believe in their product. Its not helping anyone if you do a campaign only for the money or perks!


Food Photography

This is something that I feel like I can never learn too much of! I think my favorite “lesson” in this session was to be fearless in public places and restaurants. A few tips I learned were to sit by windows  for the best lighting, ask your server to hold the dish for a different angle, and to move around the room if you have to so you can get the perfect shot!

Here’s a pic I took after the class. Hey, I’m still learning! lol

Content Marketing

The biggest takeaway I had from the Content Marketing session was to post often! Seriously, as often as possible.  It takes your followers hearing something 8-10 times before they listen!

 All The Noms

Speaking of food photography, I can’t forget the yummy food I ate at Blogfest!! I feel like this is easiest to share in pictures. 😀



The food was great and all but I had a serious appreciation for this disposable bowl! Where can I get these at?


Yeeeeah……that’s a mimosa.


The salad was BOMB but those Pure Protein Crunch were AWESOME. They taste like peanut butter cereal!


Seriously the best hummus ever!


First time trying Siggi’s and it was SO good

The Swag

I seriously hope I’m not the only one that judges events I go to by the Swag I take home! Well, at the risk of being a loner I’m still going to say that this was one of the best swag bags I’ve ever received!!!


Funny story: When we were picking up our swag bags there was a lady waiting to get hers too. While the guy was in the back getting our bags, there was a cool looking fitness bag that we all were eyeing saying to each other how we would love to get that one! Well the lady that was waiting beside us said “Ohhhh those are VIP bags” as though we weren’t WORTHY of these bags. Whatever, we ignored it and kept on laughing and stuff until the guy came out with our bags. As he approached us with our GIGANTIC BAGS OF SWAG, he said these were the ones that everyone at the conference wanted! We took or HUGE BAGS OF SWAG excited to see what was in them. Meanwhile, the lady that thought we weren’t cool enough for the “VIP bags” got the same bag as us, only completely empty. The moral of this story is DON’T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE POO FOR NO REASON! They may be even cooler than you think ;).


She had my crew walking away like…




Okay, sorry, I got a little distracted. I’ll stop getting off track. I know what you’re here for….




…not pictured are the 6 cups of hummus, 2 water bottles, and other food-related products that were included but have since been used/scarfed down!


New Friends!!!

I met a ton of people on my trip to Blogfest! Many of then I’ve been following online FOREVER, while others I met for the first time! I was so excited to meet my new friends and swap stories and ideas with them!



Even more so, I was excited to reeeeally get to know my roomies/Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. We all had SO much fun on this trip and really got to learn a lot about each other. I mean the fact that 7 girls stayed in the same condo for 4 nights straight and there was NO arguing is really saying a lot! (Seriously. Before going on the trip, my mom told me not to argue with anyone because she “knows how I am”) I was so excited to adventure with these beauties and I can’t WAIT to show you all the cool places we went while in LA!




If you want to keep up with the other Dallas Fitness Ambassadors that joined me on this trip, check them out at their links below! 



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