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VIDEO: How To Keep Your Skin Protected And Flawless This Summer

People always talk about prepping for their summer bodies, but what about prepping for glowing skin? I love the tone of my sun-kissed skin but never shall I ever step outside without preparing and protecting it! While throwing on sunscreen is always a good idea (you may remember this post I wrote on the importance of that) the foods you eat can be just as important! I’m partnering with Vital Proteins to show you what foods will help your skin become flawless for summer! Plus, a few tips on how to keep it that way.


That video shares some of my favorite foods to get your skin poppin’ this summer. Here are 6 more tips on how to get glowing skin!

.tips for glowing skin.

  • Drink lots of water! It not only keeps your skin hydrated, but it helps keep wrinkles away!
  • Exfoliate! I use facial and body scrubs at least once per week to get rid of dead skin cells. It keeps my skin looking and feeling smooth.
    • I like to D.I.Y my own body scrub by mixing brown sugar, avocado oil, and lavender essential oil!



  • Make a smoothie! Blend those fruits and veggies into a smoothie and top it off with some Vital Proteins Marine Collagen! Now that you know what foods help your skin stay fresh, you can easily incorporate them into a tasty, healthy treat!
    • Why do I need Vital Proteins in my life?
      • Their collagen has TONS of anti-aging properties.
      • Their Unflavored options can be added to almost any recipe.
      • It can help boost your metabolism.
      • They offer different types of collagen protein to fit anyone’s diet!
      • Their products are sustainably sourced!
  • Wear sunscreen when its cloudy! UV rays are so powerful that they can cut straight through some clouds! Make sure you’re always wearing sunscreen to avoid those harmful rays.




  • Practice Yoga! It can help increase blood circulation which is GREAT for your skin.
  • Lather Up! All-natural, moisturizing soaps and lotions are an obvious way to keep your skin on point. But this list would be real weird if I didn’t mention those two!


I hope you enjoyed this video and tips on how to get glowing skin! Adding these few things is a great, natural way to keep your skin flawless.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated? Did you enjoy the video I made? Want to see more like it? Let me know in the comments below! 

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This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins, but y’all know I only  speak my blunt truth! Sponsored posts like this help me bring more great content to you, which is my every day goal!