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Gift Guide For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’m gonna warn you ahead of time that I’m totally tooting my own horn with this gift guide. I’ve always been really good at picking out gifts for my loved ones.  One reason for my success is that I love giving people things! I’m constantly surprising my friends with little gifts (normally bottles of wine) when I hang out with them! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to let someone know that you appreciate and love them. But when there is a special occasion, I always ask myself the same questions before buying anyone a gift. createherstock-holiday-16-51

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  • Would I want someone to give this to me? If the gift doesn’t make me jealous, I simply won’t buy it.
  • Is the person I’m giving this to going to light up when they see this gift? I want them to be excited when they see what I got them! Nothing better than bringing a smile to someone’s face!
  • Is the person I’m giving this to going to actually use this gift? I don’t want to get someone something that’s going to sit in the back of their closet! I mean seriously, bonus points if my gift is a staple in their home!

These three questions help me figure out if a gift is a winner or not! One thing I’ve tried to get better at is shopping online for gifts. I know that sounds super random, but I like to get people gifts that they haven’t even seen before. My friends and I have SUCH similar taste that if I buy them a marble cutting board from Target, I’ll probably walk into their kitchen and see one on the counter already. (That literally just happened last weekend.) So, because of that, I’ve been perusing the internets for gift ideas and here is what I came up with!

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links I may be compensated.  All opinions are my own.

Gift Guide For The Person That Cares About Making A Difference

For this person, I highly recommend For one, their products are a little more “out of the box” as far as gift giving goes. On top of that, they work to make their products in a more socially and environmentally friendly way! As a matter of fact, at checkout they allow you to choose an organization for them to donate $1 of the sale to! I can always get behind that. Plus, they have the great gifts for men and women alike.  Here are some of my favorites:

For Women:

For Men:


Gift Guide For The Fashionista

These girls are always a little tough for me to shop for. I care about fashion, and sometimes I try, but most days I just throw on leggings! When it comes to shopping for these ladies I recommend one of two things: Give them a gift that allows them to pick out their own clothes, or get them fancy stuff for their home!


stitch-fix-gift-card-holiday-gift-guide3   Stitchfix is a great choice for these girls because its a personal style service. In other words, they send you clothes in a box to your house so you can try them on and choose to buy/not buy without ever leaving the front door!).

Fancy House Stuff


Gift Guide For The Gym Freak

We all have that friend that loves working out. For me, that’s about 85% of my friends (including me). These are some of the toughest people to shop for because there are always new gadgets and styles coming out. This gift guide will have all of your fit friends covered.



Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

You just can’t do a gift guide without stocking stuffers. These items don’t really fit in any one category but they make GREAT stocking stuffers! From electronics to tried and true skincare products, your loved ones will LOVE to see these in that big red sock!


  1. HP Sprocket – Super cool mini printer that is small enough to fit in your purse.
  2. Prize Candle – Burn through these and find jewelry ranging from $25 – $5000!
  3. Check Woven Square Scarf – I love the neutral colors in this scarf!
  4. Beija Flor Naturals  – These organic products will leave your hair and skin feeling as smooth as butter!
  5. Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask – The weirdest, most awesome feeling is having this cream turn into bubbles right on your face!
  6. HP Mini Roar – This travel size speaker packs a mighty punch!

These are some of my favorite items from this year. I just know that your friends will love them, no matter which ones you choose! Is there anything I left off this gift guide? If so, let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sweating,


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