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Ginger Tried It: Tofu Shiratake Ramen

I’m starting a new series called, Ginger Tried It. I’m always going to the grocery store and picking out random food that looks good (or at least interesting). Some of you are curious like me and want to know if the food is ACTUALLY good, so I’m saving you some moula and doing a taste test of my own.



This week, I tried House Foods’ Tofu Shiratake Ramen. I was browsing through Sprouts and saw it in the refrigerator section and thought it looked good. Turns out, I was tricked but that doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t like it.

Ginger Tried It Spoiler Alert

Okay, so don’t read this if you haven’t watched the video because it will TOTALLY spoil it for you! If you don’t have time to watch it, here are the highlights.

  1. I purchased this at Sprouts because I went into the grocery store hungry AF!
  2. Rookie Mistake – I thought everything on the picture was going to be inside the package.
  3. I didn’t read the ingredients or nutritional facts before purchasing.
  4. I liked, but was confused by, the way their sauce packet was served.
  5. I suck at holding cameras to record myself.
  6. I add hot sauce to everything!

So yeah, that’s my review! Find out how I was bamboozled in the video above and let me know if you would have fallen for it too? (please say yes).