What Glamping Is Like For People Who Are Afraid Of Everything

Glamping – A style of camping with resort-like amenities that appear to be glamorous. That is what I signed up for when I gathered a bunch of my friends and went to the Best Day Ever Ranch recently. In my mind we were going to this beautiful camping ground to relax, drink, hike, and do camp-y stuff! Did we do those things? Yes! Had the time of my life. But one thing I learned while on this trip is that I am afraid of LITERALLY ALL OF THE THINGS! (smh) Just keep reading if you’d like to laugh at my pain.

What Glamping Is Like For People Who Are Afraid Of Everything | www.thegingermarieblog.com

My Glamping Mistakes

First, let’s talk about where I messed up in preparing for our glamping trip. To start with, I brought NO pants while on this trip. I know, in hindsight it was a dumb decision. But dude, It’s early October in Texas. What the heck do I need pants for? Nighttime. That’s what I needed pants for. Despite the 80 degree weather during the day, it gets COLD AS F….reaking Antarctica at night! And spoiler alert, TENTS DON’T KEEP YOU WARM! I spent my first night shivering myself to sleep because I went to bed in shorts and a tank top! By night two, being a professional at this point, I threw on two pairs of capris (because I didn’t have pants), a tank top, a tee-shirt, and a jacket before hitting the hay! AND I wrapped myself up like a burrito before passing out. Woke up snug as a bug and grabbed some hot chocolate to keep the warmth going!




What Scared Me The Most

Okay, so imagine this. You’re glamping at this beautiful campground and your tent is set up right by the lake. The night before you drank a little more than you probably should have, but because you’re smart you drank just as much water to avoid a hangover. Around 2 AM, nature calls and you’re woken up with the sudden urge to go handle business. As you’re putting on your shoes you hear something grunting outside of your tent. A few moments later you hear wolves (or dogs) howling and barking. You look behind you and your tent roomies are both passed out but you STILL HAVE TO GO FREAKING PEE. But you’re too scared if you open your tent you’ll be mauled by wild hogs and wolves. That was me. As messed up as I knew it was, I woke up my tent mate and asked her to come with me to the restroom. She said no. Handed me her car keys and went back to sleep. I can’t blame her. It was 2 AM after all. I took the keys and made the creepy, lonely drive back to the restrooms.




When My Fears Became Irrational

At one point, I remember laying in the bed, being the only person awake again, and thinking to myself, “What would I do if a alligator came out of the lake and tried to drag my tent in?” I KNOW, its ridiculous and probably not even possible. But I probably spent an hour one night thinking about the different ways I would get myself out of that situation. You know something’s up when you are more afraid of gator’s than your usual – arachnophobia. I actually killed a spider with my bare hands one night, but that’s another story for another time.


It wasn’t all full of fears and regrets

Like I said, I had a great time on this trip with my Dallas Fitness Ambassadors at the Best Day Ever Ranch! We went hiking, rode Gators, pet alpacas/llamas, played pool and ate lots of yummy food. Sprouts was nice enough to sponsor our food for the trip so we had lots of tasty, healthy eats!

Day 1 Chili



Day 2 Breakfast Burritos



Day 2 Fajitas





The Ranch

The ranch itself was beautiful. Like I said, we had lots of activities to do while out camping! Two of us tried our hand in fishing, but didn’t catch a single fish. It didn’t stop us though. Mai Lyn even went paddleboarding! I thought about going until I saw her fall off. Then I decided against it.




















Despite my many fears, this trip was so much fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better group to go with. Everyone just let loose and enjoyed the peace. We ate, we drank, and we twerked a little bit. It really was full of a few best days ever – HA that was corny but I’m still leaving it there. Now…..WATCH US TWERK IT!!!


In case anyone was wondering what @dallasfitnessambassadors do on #camping trips at @best_day_ever_ranch

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This post was sponsored by Best Day Ever Ranch and Sprouts. But, I can’t make this stuff up. These are my real life experiences!!

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  1. hot mess. lol and why did not one take photos of me in the lake?! missed opportunity right there.

    1. thegingermarieblog@gmail.com

      bahaha. I thought I saw one of you somehwere, but IDK where. Honestly, I was going to take one but then you fell…soooooo.

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  3. I love, love, LOVE this post. My tummy hurts from laughing. Super cute photos too! How far away was the bathroom?

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  5. This was HILARIOUS! Haha I am totally like you and sometimes have irrational fears. I feel for you on the middle-of-the-night bathroom break since I frequently go at night. Going to the bathroom would have been SO scary, especially because you had to drive. Excellent post Ginger!

  6. I’m glad your fears didn’t mess up the fun! Great post!!!

  7. i am so glad i was in the tent with Ashley..i just slept like a baby. next time, definitely getting a sleeping bag 🙂

  8. Such a good review of your experience! This looks so fun and I wish I was in town to join you all. Maybe next year! The photos are beautiful. Glad you had fun and didn’t let your fears take over lol.

  9. Peeing and pooping while camping is sooo scary. The last time I went camping it was in the Ozarks in Arkansas and I woke up at like 3am needing to pee. I fell a the hole I already knew was there, screamed and woke everyone up. Then I STILL had to go pee in the complete dark. Yup.

    I think that llama had a crush on you. It was leanin in for a smooch.

  10. Hahahhahahahaha!! Ginger! I am cracking up reading this. Oh my goodness, you are one of my most favorite people on Earth. Hahaha. Despite your irrational fears, it does sound like you had a great time! You did such a good job with the organizing. I can’t wait to go next time.

  11. Bahahahaha!!! I had so much fun but I keep thinking about how cold I was! Lmaoooo
    Thanks for this Ginger!

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