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How Millennials Can Pass The Time When The Power’s Out

I feel like I’m writing this in 1999 because the power is out in my neighborhood. I have zero access to internet and I’m using Microsoft Word to bring this article to life. (Real talk though, what ever happened to Clip Art?) My phone is dead (so no internet that way) and my tv is obviously not working. So it got me to thinking, what is there even to do when the electricity is out? Here’s what I came up with.

Before we get started, I must bring to your attention the fact that I keep picking up my (dead) phone and looking at it out of habit. Am I SO addicted to this thing that I can’t even put it down when the battery’s fully exhausted?

5 Ways to Stay Entertained During a Power Outage

Go for a long walk

to Starbucks, where you can hopefully access some wi-fi and get a decent charge. Keep in mind that it may not go as planned because a) the place is packed with other millennials looking for a hit of internet; or b) they also lost power so you’re literally out of luck on the wi-fi AND the phone charge.

Go take pictures with your friends

…unless your phone is dead because then you literally can’t even call them. Even if there was a payphone right outside of the door of your apartment, you wouldn’t be able to call them because who TF remembers phone numbers other than their parents’ these days? If by some miracle you are able to take pictures together, just remember that now may not be the best time to post them to the gram. I mean, chances are other people are out of power aka wi-fi aka life right now too.

Go for a long drive.

Just make sure not to go too far because if your phone’s dead, you probably don’t know how to get around without Waze. OOH! Better yet, go sit in the car and charge your phone then get directions to the furthest Starbucks so you can catch back up on what everyone’s been doing for the last hour!

Go grab a bite to eat!

Actually, scratch that. You probably can’t even take pictures of your food so what’s the point.

Go to sleep

Honestly, this is the most reasonable to thing to do. Take a nap and dream of a time when you did have power and wi-fi. Picture yourself running through a field on loop (because Boomerang) and texting with friends about which picture to post (because that’s possible now, right?) Hopefully when you wake up, the power/wi-fi will be back on so you can get back to life. Uhh, if it’s not back on and you slept a really long time, you’re probably waking up to a pitch dark apartment. I hope you know where the candles and lighter are…