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How To Make A Game Day Board

Okay fine, Coronavirus is putting a damper on ‘game days’ for now. But that’s not going to stop this girl from watching old Steelers Superbowl games (winning ones only) and grubbing on one of these game day boards! Foodie boards are a good idea no matter what you’re celebrating – but this one is a home run in my opinion!

When I think of foodie boards, they’re normally something people put together because they’re so quick and easy. But I must admit that this one takes some planning. It is mostly comprised of mostly hot foods after all.

Game Day Board with Friends

How to arrange a game day board

There are two types of people in the world – people who like to arrange boards with every shape, size and color in mind, and those (like me) that simply get excited by a bunch of food on a board. Even still, I like to do a little arranging here and there.

My biggest rule when arranging a foodie board is to try to alternate colors! For this reason, it makes your job a whole lot easier if you put some veggies on your board. It’s super easy to end up with a bunch of yellow and brown foods, so switching things up with veggies will give you a nice variety.

Eating a wing from the game day board

What to include on your foodie board

The options are literally ENDLESS! You can make it healthy with tons of veggies. You could keep it traditional with just wings and fries. Or, you could go ALL OUT and use yummy things like these:

You can find many of these things in the frozen section of your local grocery store. Or you can make them from scratch! Personally, I did a mix of the two because, in my opinion, some recipes can no be replaced!

Friends eating wings from the game day board

The biggest tip is to make it fun and pack that board with things you love! Oh, and invite over a few friends (who have been quarantining) to enjoy the big (prerecorded) game with you!