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How To Save Money Holiday Shopping Without Black Friday

How To Save Money Holiday Shopping Without Black Friday |


Shopping on Black Friday is one of my favorite things to do all year. However, I find that it is a bit too chaotic to do all of my holiday shopping that day. Because of that, I normally get my “for me” gift on black Friday, and get my holiday shopping done earlier. This way I can save money and be prepared! Here are a few of my favorite ways to save money holiday shopping without Black Friday.



Shop ahead of time!

This is the most important step! Nothing will make you spend more money than waiting until the last minute to get whats left of the holiday gifts! Plus, this lets you plan out what you want to get your loved one and keep an eye out for the best sale!

**Because I am an affiliate for Zulily, this post contains affiliate links**

I am an affiliate for Zulily because I love their site SO much! This site has TONS of new sales every day with gift ideas for the whole family (and friends)! While they have a bunch of cool retailers I was unfamiliar with, they also have big name brands like Toms, Le Creuset, and Disney. The sales change every day and normally last about a week. So there are always new things with savings of up to 70% off! I use year round for household items, clothes, and shoes but they also have a bunch of things for children! I definitely suggest checking them out!

Right now, I am eyeing some Saucony products that are on sale because this girl needs some new running shoes and leggings!


Buy your presents AFTER Christmas!

This tip works best for those friends and family members that you have to mail their present too or aren’t seeing until after the holidays. Stores have HUGE sales after the holiday season because they have to make room for all of the new merchandise they’re getting in. Plus they know that people get money for Christmas that they want to spend! I literally rack up on all of my perfume for the year after Christmas because the sets are so cheap.


Make your own presents!

I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds cheap”, but let’s be honest. Sometimes we just don’t have a ton of money to spend on all of our aunts, uncles, and cousins!

  • You can make some candles. (Michaels sales candle making kits, just be sure to use a coupon.)
  • You can make a fleece blanket. These are super cheap and easy to make! Pinterest has tons of ideas!
  • You can bake some cookies.  Just be sure to put them in something that can be used after they’re gone. I love the idea of wrapping them in cute kitchen towels or placing them in a basket!


These are ways I avoid doing holiday shopping on Black Friday. I love going out and finding some major things for myself (like computers and cameras and such) but it can be a hassle if you have multiple things to get at different stores!


What are you favorite ways to avoid the crowds? Do you have a go to present that you make for your loved ones? 

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