I’m on Youtube Y’all!

I’ve been wanting to do videos for a while. In fact, you’ve probably seen the few I’ve spit out over the years. Well I decided it’s high-time I get consistent with my channel. Why? Because I think you get a way better understanding of who I am if you watch me do the crazy stuff I talk about on this blog.

If you’re new here, don’t fret. I am about to introduce myself in the best of ways. WITH A VIDEO! It’ll show you who I am and what this blog/vlog/whatever is all about. One day I’ll explain why I started blogging and how it has quite literally changed my life (for the good and the bad) but for now, there’s this.

How’d you like it? Do you prefer text or video? What do you want to see on my channel? Let me know in the comments below!!

Ginger Marie

I'm a thirty-something lifestyle blogger who tries not to take life too seriously. I think laughing and running are the cure to everything especially when its done in a new city. I think a balanced diet is important, and that they're much easier when they include chocolate. :)

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