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I Get My Veggies Delivered Now and It is Such a Load Off

I love cooking, but sometimes I get stuck making the same thing over and over. Omelets for breakfast; some type of protein, broccoli, and rice for lunch and dinner. It’s all very delicious but, I’ve been wanting to experiment with new ingredients. That’s where Imperfect Produce came in.

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What is Imperfect Produce?

Imperfect Produce is a delivery box that sends you produce that’s least likely to sell in stores. It may be slightly bruised, a weird color, or (if you’re really lucky) shaped weird. Sometimes, you get lucky and the produce is totally fine, they just have more than they need!

So why buy Imperfect Produce vs Grocery Store Produce?

To save dolla dolla bills y’all!

Imperfect Produce typically costs 30% less in cost than what it would cost in stores. They have both organic and conventional produce. This is what $23.49 got me! Honestly, the dates alone blew my mind! That’s a crazy good price and way less than I normally pay.

To cook with ingredients you might not buy otherwise.

Fennel, artichokes, and tomatillos are things I LOVE to eat. But, I never buy them to cook at home. Not because I can’t, I just don’t think about it!Imperfect Produce kind of forces me to make stuff work and venture out of the norm.

To keep you from contributing to food waste!

Y’all, I am THE WORST at buying a ton of things at the grocery store, then having them go bad before I can eat them. The Imperfect Produce box comes in multiple sizes and you can add or exchange ingredients as you’d like. I get the small box which still comes with a bunch of produce. It’s perfect for 1-2 people.

Wondering if there’s anything I don’t like about it?

Well, there is one. Have you ever seen a carrot with two legs, or a misshaped apple? Yeah me neither, and chances are you won’t see it when you order a box either. Imperfect Produce boasts their weirdly shaped produce, but I haven’t seen that quite yet. Honestly, my food has been pretty perfect so far so if you’re in it to see weird food, this may not be all you bargained for.

I’m a few deliveries in and so far I really like Imperfect Produce ! Having food delivered to my door is always a plus, and the fact that they’re veggies makes it even better for me. Have you tried Imperfect Produce or anything similar? Let me know in the comments below!