10 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Want To Get In Shape This Summer

I’m all about keeping it real on the gram, and I’m attracted to accounts that do the same! If you’re looking to stay healthy this summer, you HAVE to check out this list of Instagrammers. None of that “life is perfect” b.s.! These people that tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, but do it in a beautiful way. Each of these people are all about eating healthy, working out, and having fun! If you aren’t already, go follow them immediately! They’re sure to inspire you to meet your summer goals.


If tightening up your “assets” is a goal this summer, make sure to follow Kat. She has a before and after story that is mind blowing and she loves sharing her tips on the gram!



Aside from being real easy on the eyes, Kevin, from Fit Men Cook, is known for his mouth-watering recipes! He’s kind of a big deal (just ask his 1.1 MILLION followers). So much so that he met MICHELLE OBAMA! #goals #areyousingletho?

My last meal on Earth would have 5 courses, and the first course would be ceviche mixto! Essentially, it’s various seafood cured in lime/lemon juice, then mixed with onion, tomato, cilantro, avocado and other typical ingredients from a region such as fruit, corn, yuca, plantain, tomato sauce, etc. One bite and you’d swear you’re sitting at the beach, watching the waves wash over one another… Anyone else tried it? And who’s up for my version of ceviche?! Boom. (traducción abajo) —– Mi última comida en la tierra tendría 5 platos, y la primera plato sería ceviche mixto! Si no has probado, es como mariscos curados en zumo de limón/verde, y luego se mezcla con aguacate, fruta, cebolla, poco tomate, cilantro u otro ingredientes típicos de la region como maíz, choclo, yuca, plátano, salsa de tomate, etc. Un bocado y vas a pensar que estás en la playa. Cuál es tu tipo de ceviche preferido? Y quien te gustaría tener mi receta de hacer ceviche? Bum.

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I love following this all natural mommy and her “bub” for food ideas as well! She’s always sharing food products that I would have never even noticed at the store! Plus, she puts together some pretty tasty bowls and smoothies! Uhm, and her son is the cutest kid ever!



Aside from the amazing weightless story, this girl is fun to follow because she always keeps it real. Plus she shares a bunch of workout videos to help you Sweat! I LOVE her dance videos. There’s nothing like twerkin’ off a few pounds – amirite?



Ohh how I love Gigi! She is HILARIOUS, unfiltered, and pretty savvy in the kitchen. She’s allergic to, well, almost everything but finds a way to make the most incredible meals! Plus she gossips about celebs soooo OBVIOUSLY she’s one you just have to follow!

Crispy and Creamy. ???? New kitchen. New recipe. Hitting #YouTube & #GiGiEatsCelebrities MARCH 14th.

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My friend Brit is the cutest mommy to Peyton. She is almost as sassy as her daughter and shares tons of lifestyle tips for people who want to live healthy! You can’t watch her instastories without being interrupted by the queen, Peyton, herself – and I just LOVE it!



Food, fitness, fashion – Carleeh does it all! Her feed is beautiful and I love seeing what events she’s going to next! Oh, and all her kids are basically fitness models so there’s that!

“Walk TALL, or Baby, don’t walk at all.” – Springsteen

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You probably already know my bestie Janna because of our Barre and Bites events. But you HAVE to follow her personal page for all the free barre videos she shares! They may be quick, but are sure to have you sweating!



Beautiful photos of delicious recipes is the name of the game with Lindsay from Pinch of Yum. Side note: she also has an amazing food photography course if you’re into that kind of thing!



My friend, Mai Lyn, is also a big deal here in Dallas! First of all, she’s everywhere. From studio reviews to restaurant reviews she’s all about working out to eat what she wants!

Welp, that’s my list of Instagrammers to follow if you’re trying to get in shape this Summer! Each of their feeds are fun to look at, and their stories are ON POINT as well! If you have any other favorites, list them below! If you have a pretty dope Instagram account, let me know in the comments!!

Oh, and speaking of hilarious Instastories..

Make sure to follow me, @gingermarieblog, for the most unscripted, unfiltered, unusual stories ever. I mean not to toot my own horn but.. *sounds blow horn*.





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  1. You put my boo on the list! Yay!! Love the hashtag #areyousingletho …#canwegetananswerasap ??? I love your picks! Definitely going to check out the ones I don’t know!

  2. I love these – thanks for the roundup! Shut The Kale Up is my absolute favorite!!

  3. I love shut the kale up! She is so fun on instastories too!

  4. I follow Gigi too and I agree, she’s hilarious! I’ll check out the other accounts you featured here they look cool too.

  5. Love this accounts! Going to follow Shut The Kale Up right now, solely for the name 🙂

  6. Oh man, I am going to go stalk that GIGIEATS character – she looks like a piece of messy work! 😉 BAH HA HA HA HA HA!

    In all seriousness – I FRIGGIN’ LOVE YOU!

  7. ALWAYS looking for some great insta inspiration! Can’t wait to check out these accounts!

  8. This is inspiring me to get in shape and cook right! The summer is the perfect time to lighten up. It’s too hot to carry any extra weight!

  9. Love these inspiriting Insta accounts! So excited to see what they post next. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love finding motivational accounts to follow! I just followed shut the kale up!

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