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Lovers Seafood Market
Y’all probably know by now that I moved to Uptown Dallas this year. Well, because I’m in a new area, I’m more in touch with what new restaurants have opened up! So I’ll be writing more restaurant reviews on here more often! Last week, Lovers Seafood and Market opened and I had the chance to try it out before their grand opening. Y’all HAVE to give them a visit!


When you get to the table, you get to nom on dill popcorn. This was my first time trying dill popcorn and it literally tastes like pickles! So dang good!


The Terra-cotta Pot Bread is a MUST at Lovers Seafood Market! They put cook it with herbs throughout. Plus the top is delightfully crispy. I really didn’t want to share it!


 These dips were pretty tasty. I’m a huge fan of pimento cheese, so I was excited to see the Spicy Pimento Cheese on the menu! The Grilled Shrimp dip is pretty good too – it has a really light and fresh flavor. Both are served with Foccacia croutons – which are basically long sticks of crunchy bread.

Poke is all the rave these days and the Tuna Poke from Lovers Seafood Market does NOT disappoint!

Y’all. My dad makes the best gumbo of all time. There aren’t many places I’ll go to and order gumbo because its honestly a disgrace to the dish (if you ain’t stirrin’ a rue for a minimum of an hour don’t even try to serve me that SOUP). That being said, and I do NOT say this lightly, Lovers Seafood Market has some dang good Gumbo Ya Ya! You definitely need to try it if you’re a gumbo fan. I didn’t try it, but they have a seafood gumbo too that I can’t wait to dig my claws into.


Entrees and Sides

The only entree I tried was the Walleye Pike. As a former Nodak (person who lives in North Dakota), this dish brought back some serious memories! We used to fish for this stuff weekly and I haven’t had it since I moved. This should definitely be the fish you order when you visit the restaurant.


The sides were all delicious! I had the Brussel Sprouts (with malt vinegar and bacon), Charred Broccoli (with cajun ranch), and the Roasted Poblano Jack Grits! They were all good, but the grits were on point (but as always, I’d probably add a little salt).



I’m gonna be really honest. IDK the name of the desserts because as soon as they sat them in front of me I WENT IN!! It was pretty embarrassing actually. I ended up spilling it on my shirt. Don’t ask me how – I honestly do not know. But I can easily say that they were all fantastic!


 Which of these dishes are you most excited to try? Do you know of any other new restaurants in Uptown that I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to Lovers Seafood Market for giving me this complimentary meal!

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  1. If I’m in the area, I will definitely check this out. I love seafood and I am obsessed with Gumbo. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was surprised by how much i liked their gumbo! I’m a hard one to impress!

  2. All those dishes look delicious! Just spent the weekend in Dallas and loved it. Will have to check out this place next time!

    1. Next time you come let me know! I’ll give you lots of recommendations!

  3. Omg everything looks delicious! I’ve never had dill popcorn but it’s mouthwatering haha and I’m with you with the desert lovin 😉 I love sweets if I’m ever in the area I will definitely stop by this place. Great post 🙂

  4. So much food envy right now!! That all looks delicious. 🙂

  5. THIS RESTAURANT SOUNDS LIKE MY KINDA PLACE!!!! I WOULD HAVE WOLFED THAT poke downnnnnn! ha ha ah! Now I am so going on their web site to look at their menu and get envious of your tastebuds! lol!

  6. All of this looks delicious, but that bread looks amazing! So many great dishes to choose from!

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