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How To Get Free Stuff On McDelivery Day

Your favorite day to use Uber Eats is back – #McDelivery Day! It’s no secret that I order delivery on the regular. If I go a week without having food delivered to my place, I’ve probably been on vacation. As if getting food delivered isn’t enough, on McDelivery Day, McDonald’s will be giving away free swag along with your food (while supplies last). I’m spilling the deets on what they’re giving out and some suggestions on what to order!

McDelivery Day is Back!


So how do you participate in McDelivery Day?

McDelivery Day is this Friday, July 19th and participating is easy! All you have to do is download Uber Eats and order McDelivery with a minimum $5 food purchase beginning at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 19 for your chance to receive a free piece of the Throwback Collection, while supplies last. Here’s a little sneak peak!

As a 90’s kid I am HERE FOR McDelivery Day! Throughout the day, McDonald’s is hooking customers up by delivering more than just food – it’s introducing the fun, exclusive Throwback Collection,  inspired by the revival of the ‘90s. My favorite piece being this Big Mac socks!

Check out to see the full list of participating restaurants for Global McDelivery Day, download Uber Eats and mark your calendar for July 19.

What To Order If You’re Watching What You Eat

Okay, I know most people don’t go to McDonald’s with the intention of eating healthy, but you can definitely get some decently healthy bites from those Golden Arches! Here are some suggestions:

Southwestern Salad
  • I freaking love this salads and all the flavors that come with it. It only has 280 calories and is flavorful AF! It’s a little high in sodium, but it’s not bad for fast food.


Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • The plain one is definitely the healthies, but McDonald’s has some crazy good Artisan Sandwiches these days too. Despite my being mildly allergic to avocados, I’m diggin’ the Pico Guacamole sandwich.
  • If you’re craving some beef, go for a Hamburger! They’re only about 280 calories (if you get it with no cheese) and McDonald’s burgers are now made without any yucky ingredients. I’m talking 100% beef fresh beef, y’all!


If THAT didn’t get you excited for McDelivery Day, idk what will. I’m guessing a giveaway might do the trick though, so head to my Instagram Page and enter to win a $25 McDonald’s gift card!


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