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Memphis 3-Day Travel Guide For Foodies

Hey there, fabulous foodies! Ready for a belly-busting, taste-bud tantalizing journey through the heart of Memphis? Well, buckle up, because I’ve got the scoop on a 3-day culinary escapade that will leave you drooling for more! Get ready to embark on the ultimate Memphis munchies adventure with my hilarious guide. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

This trip was sponsored by We Are Memphis, which were the fabulous hosts who showed me so much of what Memphis has to offer as a tourist destination. If you’d like to see more things to do in the area, check out their Instagram!

Day 1: Beale Me Up, Scotty!

Upon Arrival – Check in at The Hyatt Centric on Beale

Welcome to the land of blues, BBQ, and belly laughs! Drop your bags at The Hyatt Centric and freshen up because we’re about to hit the town.

5:00 PM – Head upstairs to Beck + Call for drinks

Start your Memphis escapade in style at Beck + Call. Trust me; their drink menu is more exciting than a cat on a hot tin roof! Sip, chat, and get ready for a night to remember.

7:00 PM – Walk to dinner at Itta Benna

Stroll over to Itta Benna for dinner in the heart of Beale Street. It’s like a culinary jukebox that’ll have your taste buds dancing to the rhythm of southern flavors.

Day 2: Caffeine, Cheese, and Crosstown Concourse

8:30 Breakfast at the hotel

Fuel up for the day ahead with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. You’ll need all the energy you can get because we’ve got a jam-packed day ahead.

10:30 Head to the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club

Take a leisurely stroll to the Anti-Gentrification Coffee Club for your morning pick-me-up. Trust me, the coffee is so good it might just break the gentrification spell!

12:00 Lunch at Grey’s Cheese + Shopping

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Lunch at Grey’s Cheese is a fromage fiesta, and while you’re there, why not indulge in a bit of retail therapy?

2:00 Downtime at the Hotel

Time to recharge those batteries. Enjoy some downtime at the hotel—nap, relax, or practice your best Elvis impersonation. Whatever floats your Memphis riverboat.

4:00 Explore Crosstown Concourse

Get ready to explore the artistic marvel that is Crosstown Concourse. It’s a mishmash of culture, creativity, and commerce that’ll have you snapping pics left and right.

5:00 Drinks at Crosstown’s Art Bar before dinner

Grab a pre-dinner drink at Crosstown’s Art Bar. It’s like a liquid gallery, and trust me, the cocktails are as vibrant as the artwork.

6:00 Dinner at The Beauty Shop

Dine in style at The Beauty Shop – where the food is as fabulous as the décor. Don’t be surprised if you leave feeling like a Memphis royalty.

8:00 Walk around Beale Street

Wrap up day two with a leisurely stroll around Beale Street. It’s like stepping into a bluesy, neon dream. Who knows, you might just catch an impromptu street performance!

Day 3: Brunch, Boutiques, and Botanical Beauty

Brunch at Bishop

Start your final day in Memphis with a brunch fit for a king at Bishop. The food is so good; it’s practically a religious experience!

Shopping on South Main

Ready to burn some calories with a shopping spree? Head over to South Main for some retail therapy at Paper & Clay, Primas Bakery + Boutique, and Stock & Belle.

Stroll through Dixon Gallery + Gardens

End your Memphis adventure with a leisurely stroll through the Dixon Gallery + Gardens. It’s the perfect blend of art and nature, a serene finale to your epic foodie escapade.

There you have it, my fellow food enthusiasts – a Memphis adventure that’s equal parts delicious and delightful. So, grab your stretchy pants, your appetite, and your sense of humor, and get ready to chow down in the city that knows how to make your taste buds sing! Until next time, happy eating!