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No No No Respect

You may or may not know that I was raised in the south. Because of that my parents always taught me to have southern hospitality and southern manners. It was always yes ma’am, no sir, and most of all respect your elders. But I’ll never forget when my mom told me that it was OK to not show respect.

I’ve gone to a comedy show with a couple friends, a few were on their way. We were a few minutes into the show when this lady and her husband came and sat down beside us. I politely told her that I have friends coming and we were saving the seats for them. She looked at me and said, “I don’t give a damn! I don’t see anybody here right now.“ She was clearly upset for no reason and at one point even threatened to jump over the table and beat my ass. 😂 I just crazy smiled and looked at my friends thinking to myself “if this woman was my age I might be fighting up in this place right now.”

Anyways, I went home and told my mom what happened. I told her that I showed some respect to the lady because that’s how they taught me but if she would’ve been my age I probably would have been fighting up in the comedy club. It was in that moment that my mom told me that I only owed respect to people who showed me respect. And that if someone ever shows out like that, no matter their age, I need to stand up for myself and not take it so easily.

Babyyyyy when I tell you I felt like Kevin Hart when his mama sent him back to school with a note for his teacher. 😂 It was definitely a turning point and had an impact on the attitude I have today. My attitude isn’t bad by any means, and I’ll always be a calm person. But my callback game is quick and witty so best of luck to the oldies who think differently. 😇

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