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How To Make It Through Dry January Without Getting Bored

This month I decided to participate in Dry January. I wanted to start off the year strong and, for me, that means having a clear head and no hangovers. The thing is, I get bored really easily. And I know I’m only going to make it through this if I keep it fun. So here are some tips that are helping me and some products that are keeping things interesting. (SPOILER ALERT 🚨: Cutting alcohol is way easier than I thought it would be)

What is Dry January?

*Insert cloudy flashback scene like they do in the movies* It was in early December. The year was 2021. I was nurturing an incredibly rude hangover when I had a thought, “I’m going to go all of January without drinking.”

Okay that was dramatic, but also, that’s basically what Dry January is. It’s a challenge to go the entire month without so much as a sip of alcohol.

Dry January Benefits

Well, if the thought of going a month without a hangover isn’t enough, there are other reasons people can benefit from the challenge. (Including but not limited to how the probability of you texting your no-good ex lessens.) One big one being for their health.

Did you know that even just one night of heavy drinking – meaning more than 4 drinks for men and more than 3 for women – can increase our risk of liver disease, cancer, heart disease and other health issues? (H.Lansen, MD, 7 Feb 2021) That is WILD.

One of the big reasons I’m doing Dry January is to prove to myself that I can voluntarily do hard things. I say voluntarily because I have to do hard things all the time that are completely out of my control. I’m guessing you do too. But as someone who lives life on the edge of my seat, I find that challenges like this recenter me and remind me how strong I am mentally.

What can I drink for Dry January?

Finally we’ve reached the fun part of this blog post. You can drink anything without alcohol! And let me tell you, there are TONS of options out there. I knew from the start that I was going to test my mixology skills this month and try a bunch of non-alcoholic drinks. What I didn’t realize until recently was how many brands have done this work for me. Here’s what I’ve been drinking and using to get me through the month.

Dry January Cocktails in a Bottle

Curious Elixirs

If you’re looking for something that tastes like a cocktail right out the bottle, Curious Elixirs is the way to go! Their booze-free cocktails are infused with adaptogens. So basically they’re drinks with benefits!

Above all, Curious Elixirs taste incredible. I mean, their sophisticated cocktails are inspired by classics like the Aperol Spritz, the Spicy Margarita, and the Negroni, so you know they’re bomb! I like mine poured in a fancy glass with fruit chillin on the rim.

If you want to try them, your best bed is purchasing them online so you can get a sample pack and figure out what your favorite flavor is. Take $10 off any order $50 or more with code GINGER22 at You can also check out this video where I sipped a Curious Elixir as a mid-day boost:

De Soi

To me, De Soi tastes like a fancy sangria. They come in wine bottles which is great because I miss twisting caps lol. I, admittedly, was suckered in by their packaging. But I love the sweet treat with dinner after a long day of content creating. lol


You’ll see Lyre’s again below, but let’s talk about their canned cocktails real quick. Y’all I had to double check the packaging to make sure my G&T wasn’t a real gin and tonic. All of the flavors were there. I can’t wait to try their other flavors.

Athletic Brewing Company

If you miss beer, go get some ABC. When I tell you that this stuff is beer. It tastes, feels, and looks like beer. It just doesn’t have alcohol. I was seriously impressed.

Les Cocottes

So far, this is the most wine-tasting alcohol-free wine that I’ve tried. It still doesn’t punch your throat like a regular red would, but it will scratch your itch. That’s for sure!

Dry January “Liquors”


Told you you’d see it again! Lyre’s has a wide range of booze-free liquors. I personally love the Amaretti. It’s smooth, cherry-like flavor is perfect on the rocks or in a coffee concoction! I really want to try their agave ones though because supposedly they taste like tequila.


When I first saw the bottle, I thought Ghia was going to taste like a Bloody Mary. To my surprise, the aperitif is more is more floral-y and citrus-y. They have a ton of yummy recipes on their website too if you need some mocktailspiration. The photos make me want to make everything!


Hey Bourbon lovers, this one is for you! The flavor is incredible. In fact, they recommend using the 74 half and half with real bourbon if you’re drinking real liquor. Use code GINGERHARPER10 for 10% off your order on the Spiritless website.

Sparkling Mixers (with benefits)


Recess wasn’t made to be a mocktail, so you can really enjoy them at any time, any day of the week. They’re like sparkling waters that are made with natural flavors, adaptogens, and hemp so they give you a good amount of chill. Perfect for sipping.

I also like to use them for mocktails! Like in this video where I made a Virgin Blackberry Recess Margarita:

You can click this link to save on your Recess order.

Mad Tasty

I love sipping on a Mad Tasty before bed. Their Unicorn Tears is delicious and made with broad-spectrum hemp extract – to be blunt the stuff zens me right out! Literally the perfect night cap.

Dry January Recipes

Of course, I’ll be making tons of recipes with the products listed above! Check back here frequently to see what new drinks I’ve made so that you can try them out at home! Let’s stay hydrated and sober-lit all month long!