Weekend Travel Guide to Oklahoma City

When you read that title you might have thought, “What the heck is there to do in Oklahoma City?” Well my friends, I’m about to tell you. This Weekend Travel Guide to Oklahoma City might just blow your brains.

Huge thanks to Visit OKC for sponsoring my trips to your beautiful city and for helping me organize the amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post! This post contains affiliate links.

Where to Stay in OKC

21c Hotel


21c Hotel may be my favorite hotel ever! Not only is an ultra-modern hotel, they also have a museum on the first floor that is open to the public. I’ll get more into their restaurant, Mary Eddy’s, later on in this post. But for now, can we talk about these windows in the rooms?


Colcord Hotel


The Colcord Hotel is super swanky and nestled in the heart of Bricktown! I love it because they deliver coffee, tea, and cookies to your room every day. Plus, their shuttle (which is a Benz if you play your cards right) will take you anywhere within the area! I MAY have spent $20 on Uber during my trip because of this. #winning

Where to Eat in OKC


Mary Eddy’s


Mary Eddy’s is located inside of 21c Hotel in OKC. Hands down my favorite things on their menu is an appetizer. The Loaded Hashbrowns are out of this world, and not what you think!


Kitchen 324


My inner hipster was very happy with this choice. Kitchen 324 has everything your millennial heart desires, from avocado toast to lox bagels topped with salmon roe. Plus, their bakery counter is legit – I highly recommend the cinnamon bun!


Waffle Champion


If you’re looking for a super casual (possibly hungover) breakfast, Waffle Champion is your spot! Their french toast waffle is off the chain. If you’re looking for something more savory, try their Waffles and Gravy! Just make sure you get there early because the lines can get a little ridiculous.





If you’re looking for some dank af Mexican food while you’re in OKC, Barrios is your place! Plus it’s super trendy and cute. I’m here for their queso, fajitas, and all of their drinks. The Cheech & Chong (super strong, smokey drink) was fun to see, while the Cactus Fruit Slushie was sweet and playful. 

[supsystic-gallery id=33]


La Brasa


Speaking of experiences, if you’re in a party mood you should definitely check out La Brasa. It’s a lounge / Peruvian restaurant / crazy cool place to visit. For starters, when you walk in it almost gives the feel of a super elegant, artsy whore house. Don’t worry, thta’s just the decor. Although, it does turn into somewhat of a nightclub as the sun goes down. Let’s just say what happens at La Brasa stays at La Brasa. Oh, and as far as food I’d tell you and your friends to just split a chicken. Its massive. 


The Jones Assembly


The Jones Assembly kind of reminds me of The Rustic in Dallas, except it’s not as country. It’s a huge restaurant with two floors and a patio. There’s a stage inside and one outside for music performances and random movies being played. When we visited, they were celebrating their birthday with Frose all day. I’d say order yourself a Jones Squeeze (alcoholic Capri Sun), some Octopus, and literally any pizza! 

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen


Everyone knows pepperoni pizza is my favorite food. Don’t get me wrong, I love fancy food, but nothing makes me feel as happy as a good slice of pepperoni! Hal’s has some pretty tasty pizza, plus their decor is fun and lively! I’m also gonna need y’all to order Quinn’s Burrata – it is EVERYTHING. 

The Drake


If you’re looking for a fancy dinner with some incredible seafood, check out The Drake. Y’all already know I came here for the oysters, but the seafood paella is a must-have too. Don’t get me started on how good their clam chowder is – you NEED to get this if you’re a chowda girl. The scallops and Salty Baked Branzino also came highly recommended. 

[supsystic-gallery id=34]


Cheever’s Cafe


Yet another adorable stop in OKC. Honestly, by the time I made it here, I was feeling a bit lethargic. Therefore I can only really recommend their salads and queso (because that’s all I ate.) Next time i’m in town, i’m definitely going back for some steak and some of their Mixed Seafood Tamales (because, duh.) 

Where to Relax in OKC



I don’t think I’ve ever been as relaxed as I was while visiting udånder. First of all, they only use non-toxic products (Hello, Indie Lee and Tata Harper!)From the steam room to the sauna, the foot soak to the hot tea. It was all that I needed for my girl’s trip! I’ve been considering going back soon because I don’t think we have anything like it in Dallas.

[supsystic-gallery id=35]


Wheeler Ferris Wheel


Fun fact- the OKC Ferris Wheel was purchased on Ebay. It used to be on the Santa Monica peer! If you want to do something chill at night, head out to the Wheeler District and go for a ride with your boo or some friends. Don’t forget to snap some pics with the OKC sign while you’re there! 


Museum of Art


I love visiting museums when I head to different cities, and OKC is no different. The MOA OKC is super colorful and full of history. I was surprised by the 4 different exhibitions they had when I was there! From Victorian clothing made of paper to the one and only Dale Chihuly, they honestly bring in the best! 

[supsystic-gallery id=36]


Water Taxi Ride in Bricktown


I mean, what’s more relaxing than a boat ride through a city? A boat ride through a city after grabbing a beer and some grub at Charleston’s! I’m not gonna stop you from getting a cold one after your ride either. 

OKC National Memorial & Museum


Honestly, going to this was the first time I’d heard of the OKC bombings. I think that hearing and experiencing everything for the first time made my trip to the museum even more emotional than I expected. I highly encourage you to go. 


Where to Play in OKC

Riversport Adventures


Whitewater rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding – you name it, Riversport Adventures has it! They even have ropes courses and Cloud Bounce. If you’re a thrill seeker, this is the place to go! 

Climb Up


Y’all know I’m afraid of heights, so mastering the rock climbing silos was quite the adventure for me. But honestly, I loved it and facing my fears was easier than I thought! Head here if you want to get high. (bahaha) 

Oklahoma City Zoo


Going to the zoo may not be what comes to mind when you go on vacation, but honestly that’s a mistake. I mean, you can have one on one encounters with elephants at this place! FREAKING ELEPHANTS. I was late af to my encounter so i missed it (and literally almost cried) but you better believe I’m going back the next time I’m in town. Don’t worry though, my trip was TOTALLY made because I got to see my favorite animal – A RED PANDA! 

[supsystic-gallery id=37]


Flat Tide SUP at Lake Overholser


Sure, you can paddleboard all over OKC, but Flat Tide SUP will add a workout to your..uhh, workout. If yoga is your thing, they have that. If you really want to break a sweat, try their fitness classes. Personally, I feel accomplished just standing up on those wobbly boards. 

Getting to OKC

Getting to OKC is super easy from DFW! It’s only about a 3 hour drive and a much shorter plane ride to the vibrant city. Here are some cool ways to go if you visit!

  • Take a car (so you can make all the pit stops along the way).
  • Rent an RV in Oklahoma (so you don’t have to make any pit stops).
  • Fly (so you can have all the time to explore).
  • Take a bus (so you can relax while you ride).

Giveaway Time

Did I convince you to take a trip to OKC? Let me know where you want to visit in the comments below. Actually, scratch that. I may be able to give you a free trip just for reading this post (and helping out some of my friends in OKC.) Here we go! I’m gonna do it. Here’s how you can win a trip to OKC!

What You Win

A 2-night stay at 21c Hotel OKC

2 Steam + Sauna visits plus foot soaks at udånder

2 Riversport passes to Riversport Adventures

2 passes to the OKC National Memorial & Museum

2 passes to the OKC Museum of Art

2 day passes to Ferris Wheelers

A $50 gift card to Mary Eddy’s Restaurant

A $50 gift card to the Cafe at OKC Museum of Art

A $50 Visa Gift Card to use how you want on your trip

How to Enter


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  1. This trip sounds awesome!! I would never think about going white water rafting in Oklahoma! I would love that!


    1. Right? I am a huge scaredy cat and didn’t actually participate last time (other than taking pictures), but I would totally consider it next time!

  2. I love OK! I would definitely want to try the rafting! oh and the spa sounds AMAZING!

  3. Wow, didn’t realize there was so much to do in OKC, and such a short ride from Texas! Most excited about the whitewater rafting,The Drake and 21c Hotel.

    1. Girl YES and there are so many thing I haven’t even done yet!

  4. The spa, duhhhh!! ?

  5. I want to visit the Museum and the Zoo the next time I visit!

  6. I would look forward to going to udånder! It looks so serene and peaceful, and that foot bath looks heavenly!

    1. It’s my favorite place. I’m literally planning my next trip to OKC with each day starting with udander.

  7. So get this, my wife and I would check in at the hotel, then we fling our bags to the side and lay on a bed that isn’t filled with kid toys, gold fish or dogs lol. heck, we might even go crazy and watch something other than Nick Jr. channel in the evening. The entire get away sounds fun honestly though.

    1. YES! You neeeed a trip. Although, I do love Nick Jr.

  8. I would absolutely love to visit Udander and the Riversport Adventures. As far as food, I’m always down to eat!

    1. A woman after my own heart! Those are some of my top choices too (obvi haha).

  9. The National Memorial: I remember the bombing when I was a child and have talked to my parents about how it changed their lives. Plus white water rafting: true bucket list!

    1. The National Memorial was really amazing. Super emotional thing to experience but I’m glad I did it.

  10. Oh girl! The mother of giveaways! hahaha how FUN! I’d love to visit Riversport OKC. I just learned about that place a few months ago and have been planning a trip there for a while. That place looks AMAZING! and LOL at Boomer Sooner!!!! I forget you’re not originally from Texas. It’s the OU fight song. The name has something to do with the the land the school was built on and the people who occupied it. I think they were called Boomers and they were invaded by sooners? I forget exact details.

    1. Bahaha My “North Carolina” is showing with that question – huh? Thanks for filling me in. I was legit confused.

  11. I’m excited to visit Udander, the white water rapt, and any place to and places that have art! I didn’t know OKC had any of this. Thanks for the post!

    1. Girl YES! There are SO many places with artsy fartsy things. It really is a cool city.

    1. Yesss! Both good options. I heard that Cheevers was featured on some reality tv show where some old ladies got into a fight. lmfao

  12. Eats and spa!! You madeokc look like L.A.!!

    1. they do call it okLAhoma!!! hahah

  13. I’m really interested in visiting udander. I’ve researched Ancient Chinese detox practices and OKC is the perfect place to unplug & release. It’s just far enough to go off the grid from the DFW hustle and only car ride away.

    1. Exactly! Only three hours away. Honestly, IDK if I’ll ever experience a spa like that again. It was amazing.

  14. I would like to visit the zoo, museum, and the spa!

  15. Love this post Ginger! I would have never thought of going to OKC – seriously! It looks like you had an absolute BLAST!

    1. It was SO much fun! You have to go.

  16. I definitely want to try the white water rafting! I was there before but bad weather cancelled our rafting trip, would love to give it another go with my girlies 🙂

  17. Okc museum of art. I love art.

  18. As much as I want to go to Riversport OKC I really would love to go to the OKC Memorial. My 6th grade teacher lost her two nephews in the bombing so it’s always been close to my heart.

  19. The udander??‍♀️??‍♀️ Uhhh the UDANDER. I hear it calling my name. @sokotique on Instagram

  20. BOOMER SOONER! The Sooners claimed land before they were supposed to in the land run.

  21. I’m most excited to eattttt all the yummy foods ?

  22. Scratch that…. I’m most excited for the plant based spa!! Or the white water rafting. ???

  23. It all looks so fun!!! While I love a good food spot, and a good hotel. This white water rafting caught my eye! I’ve never done it before! Out of all the fun vacations I’ve been on, I don’t think I’ve done anything that adventurous like white water rafting. This would be so cool! Oh, and a Boomer Sooner is the original name for a whoopie cushion…. ??‍♀️ Jk jk!

  24. I knew Oklahoma had tons of outdoors activities but I would’ve never thought to spend a weekend in the city here. It looks beautiful and SO FUN! I’m actually looking forward to planning a long weekend exploring beautiful downtown OKC in the near future, thanks for the fun overview of yours!

  25. I’m pretty excited about the 21C Hotel and all of the eclectic I but rustic food!

  26. It all sounds great! I want it all!!! Lol
    Boomer sooner is an OU fan… I guess being with my ex was good for something lol.

  27. How exciting! I am most excited about visiting Udander!

  28. My family and I are from California and visiting OKC next month to explore the culture to possibly relocate. We usually go in the cold months so not too many ppl are out. But we expect to see a whole different side of OKC life in September. The 21c hotel looks amazing. We would love to stay here during our visit. It would really help us with our travel expenses so we can do more in OKC during our 4 day visit there.

  29. I’m most interested in 2 Steam + Sauna visits plus foot soaks at udånder!!! Sounds so relaxing and peaceful and just amazing!!!!!

    1. Yesss Udander is bomb. You’ll love it!

  30. A boomer sooner is the Oklahoma university team mascot, the sooners lol and they are booming sooners basically

    1. I get that it has to do with the school but I don’t understand what the heck it means baha

  31. Yes!! Definitely could use a steam and sauna night!

  32. The Oklahoma City Zoo! ??

    1. I’m still mad I missed the elephants! lol What’s your favorite animal?

  33. Looks like a fantastic trip! I would love to check out the rafting with Riversport ?

  34. Honestly, the hotel! It looks gorgeous.

    1. Right? It’s def my favorite place to stay in okc!

  35. OKC museum of art ?

    1. It’s even cooler than I expected!

  36. Give rafting a try!

  37. I love 21c Hotel! There is always something new and fantastic to see in the gallery!

    1. Right? Right now they have a bunch of pop art – it’s awesome!

  38. I am definitely most excited about Udander! I’ve lived in Moore most my life and have never heard of half of these places! Thank you for the awesome post!

    1. That’s so cool – and totally why I do what I do! I love showing people new things they can do in their own ‘hood!

  39. River sport adventures is the first place I want to stop at! Also, boomer sooner is uh just what It sounds like… some silly saying that OU loves!

  40. I’m excited to stay at the 21C hotel. My wife and I need a much needed little vacation just the two of us! She mostly deserves it because she is the hardest working mom and wife to make sure we are all taken care of!

  41. Girl! Hands down looking for udander the most. I’m day dreaming about it now!

  42. I’d be most excited for the spa sesh at udander and the OKC National Memorial and Museum!! But also, like, every single thing you ate looks scrumptious, too! Every ?? single ?? thing ??. So I’d just be excited to replicate this entire trip. Taking applications now for someone to possibly play the role of Sylvia on this trip.

  43. I’d be most excited for the spa sesh and Udander and the OKC National Memorial and Museum. But, also, EVERY SINGLE THING you ate looks so good! I would find someone to play the role of Sylvia (I’ll be Ginger) and just replicate this whole trip.

  44. Lol. I think I messed up. I commented, maybe I didn’t hit submit. I would definitely love love loveeee to check out the white water rafting. Out of all the vacays I’ve been on I can’t say I’ve done this. It looks like it’d be totally fun! The whole entire trip looks bomb! Hence why so many people have entered. Even if I don’t win I still have to get to OKC and try some of these things before it gets cool. As far as a Boomer Sooner I’m not sure. I think it’s the original name for the whoopie cushion (writing this twice takes the humor away ??)? ??‍♀️. I just wanna win!! ???

  45. Christine Martinez

    I’m definitely all about the adventure! Lake Overholser sounds like so much fun!

  46. Looking forward to visiting the Jones assembly!! Always wanted to try it!!

  47. Looking forward to the jones assembly!!

  48. Hello Ginger,
    I was so excited to see you done your due diligence on Oklahoma City. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, I moved to Texas in 2000, and none of those places existed when I relocated to Texas. However, you did a awesome job with the different places you visited; whiled in Oklahoma City. I go back to visit family, but now I just need to book a room at the Hotel, and do some great exploring of my hometown. Oh yes, here is another great travel tip to go to Oklahoma City, which I take frequently when I go home to visit. It’s the Heartland Flyer train https://www.amtrak.com/heartland-flyer-train. I love to ride in the Spring and
    Summer time, it is a very scenic ride that you would enjoy. Again, thank you for visiting a wonderful place Oklahoma City.

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