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“On The Table” Workshops With A Purpose

I’ve been to 5 “On The Table” Workshops and each one is different from the last. While it’s super fun learning a new craft, what keeps me coming back is the community Bree Clarke, of The Iman Project, has built.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a discount code to Bree’s next big event!

I met Bree last year, and honestly it was love at first site. I loved how outgoing and real she was, and how selfless she could be. She eventually invited me out to one of her “On The Table” workshops where we would be stamping jewelry. I remember being shocked by how cool the set up was, and how diverse the group of women surrounding me was. I left feeling really impressed and inspired, so I figured I’d share my favorite things about her workshops!

5 Reasons You Should Go To an “On The Table” Workshop

1. Because Making Friends as an Adult is Tough

You may remember when I first moved to Dallas, I wrote a blog post on making friends in a new city. Turns out, another thing to add to the list would be “Go to an ‘On The Table’ workshop!” There are normally 25-40 people in each workshop, and almost no one knows each other. So you’re bound to meet someone new! On top of that, you know you already have one thing in common because you both signed up for the same event! Plus, Bree makes a habit of seating you near new-to-you people, which brings me to my next point.

2. It’s Basically a Melting Pot of Fabulous Women

Bree makes a point to market her events towards all women. It doesn’t matter your race, size, shape, or background – everyone belongs here. That’s what I love about these events! Bree sets name plates for every attendee and makes sure to sit you beside someone that looks nothing like you, or is different than you in some way. When you think about it, its kind of a huge deal. She’s basically helping us speak to people we may not have spoken to otherwise.

3. You Always Learn Something New

I love that each workshop teaches me something I’ve never learned before. I’ve attended succulent workshops, painting workshops, and even built a bench once! It’s just really cool how creative some of the skills are that you learn at “On The Table” Workshops.

4. You Never Leave With An Empty Heart….Or Belly

Seriously, this is one of the things that got me in the door for my first workshop. Y’all know I love to eat, and these workshops do not skimp on food. I’m talking full service meals at every single one. Sometimes it’s a buffet of pizza, other times its some tasty brunch! Either way, it’s great knowing before you get somewhere that an abundance of food will be provided no matter what.

5. The Most Thoughtful Swag Bags

Bee laughs at me and always asks how my swag bag is when I’m at her events. She heard me calling out a horrible bag I got from an event a while back where everything in it could have been sent to me in an email. Honestly, that’s why I have a no-paper policy when it comes to bags I create for my events because NO ONE WANTS THAT! Well Bree’s bags are always full of swag that ties to that particular workshop. For the bench building workshop, we got personalized tool kits. Got me running ’round here looking like Ginger the Builder! Ayee. For the succulent class she gave us garden gloves and bird feeders! I mean, these are just super thoughtful and I appreciate all the detail she puts into them!

All of the workshops I’ve been to were a blast and I can’t wait to attend the next one! In fact, Bree is hosting her first retreat in a few weeks and I’ve got the details (and a coupon code) exclusively for my readers!

Flamingle Summer Soiree: A Women’s Workshop Retreat

Flamingle is going down on 9.16.18 from 11-5 at The Lumen Room in Dallas, TX! There will be fireside chats and THREE engaging and creative workshops: Succulent Terrarium Design, Floral Making, and Modern Calligraphy! During the fireside chats, they will cover marketing, banding, entrepreneurship, beauty corporate girl talk, media, motherhood, and so much more.

I’m SUPER pumped about this mini-retreat because, well, who doesn’t love to get away in their own city? I can’t even imagine how many amazing women I’ll meet and all the things I’ll learn to do while I’m there!

If you want to join me at Flamingle, use my promo code GINGER for $20 off your registration!

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