This beet juice recipe may be the best juice I’ve ever made. I’m not just saying that for the heck of it, it really did make my heart skip a “beet”. I love that its not too sweet, or too “beet-er”. Okay, I think you see where this is going. Honestly, the beet puns started because I was trying to come up with a fun name for the juice, that also tied in Valentine’s Day (since it’s right around the corner). The fact of the matter is, I had too much fun with my friends, Mai Lyn and Shasha, coming up with a name to not share our beet puns with you. So, in true Ginger fashion, I created this list of puns! If while reading this, any other fun ones come to mind, share them with me in the comments!



I hope that made you giggle as much as I did. And if not, it’s over right? No harm no foul! Oh, and you still get a tasty recipe to make it alllll better!


Pear Apple Beet Juice

This juice is SUPER tasty! I love adding beets to my juice, especially during flu season because of their immune-boosting properties! The lemon in the juice really cuts the earthy taste that beets can give out, making this a smoothie, easy-to-drink recipe!



Because I like to make my juice last over a couple of days, this recipe makes about 2 quarts! The great thing is that even 2 days after I made it, the flavor still held up and it is still delicious.






Pear Apple Beet Juice


  • 3 large beets
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 pear apples
  • ~3 inches of fresh ginger
  • 1 cup baby carrots
  • 1 whole bunch of fresh spinach


  • Juice it! Okay, that was obvious, but seriously, just throw it all in the juicer. If you don't have a juicer, cut them into really small pieces and blend them until you can't blend anymore. Then poor them into a cheese cloth (or pair of clean panty hose) and strain out the pulp.

I can’t wait for y’all to try this recipe! Pleeeease let me know how you like it. If you have any go-to juice recipes, let me know in the comments below! Oh, and if you luuuv this recipe, or if you just lurv me, share this post with your friends!

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