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Pique Tea Crystals Review

Pique Tea Review |


I am a HUGE fan of hot tea. I drink it in the mornings to wake me up, during the day to keep me awake, and at night to put me to sleep (decaf of course). Basically I drink it all the time and it always comes in, or needs, a bag! No complaints there, I feel fancy with my tea bags. But, I was intrigued when I came across Pique tea crystals. I just had to try them and compare.


what i like about pique tea crystals

  • Its a great travel companion. I mean, not to talk to or anything – unless you’re into that kind of stuff. I love that I can take them anywhere and not have to worry about a mess! No more wondering, “What am I gonna do with this wet tea bag.”
  • They taste like tea. Okay, that should have been obvious, but I was REALLY skeptical! Who knew that they would be true-to-taste. Plus, for some reason I thought they would be sweet (I guess because they come in packages similar to Crystal Light) but they aren’t! You still add sugar/honey, which I love.
  • They have 5 flavors, yo! And they’re all delicious. They have 3 green teas (Mint Sencha, Sencha, and Jasmine), and two black teas (Earl Grey and English Breakfast).
  • The innovative way they’re made. Seriously, its so cool! They take organic, loose-leaf tea and brew it (like normal), then the magic happens! They crystalize it and turn it into the coolest little tea packs you ever did see.



what i didn’t dig

  • More tea = more tea. That was confusing? Well normally if I have a large cup of tea, I can just let it soak longer and it will be enough! With the tea crystals, you can only add so much water per package.
  • Less novelty than regular tea. There’s something posh about having a tea bag to play with when you’re brunching with your friends. IDK why tea is fancy to me but it is! 







Which of these flavors would you be most excited to try? Well you may have a chance to! I’m having an event on May 21st for the Movemeant Foundation! It’s gonna be Barre & Bites on the Bridge and it will be epic! The kind people over at Pique were sweet enough to donate tea for each of the attendees to take home with them! You can find out more about the event by clicking the picture below!


Keep an eye out for my Barre & Bites post, I’ll be doing a giveaway for 2 tickets to the event (swag bag included)!