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Post-Ride Meal Prep on the Grill

Bruh. I tried the Myx bike today and wow. I almost forgot how hard (and satisfying) cycling can be. I did the Calibration Ride – everyone’s first ride that helps the bike understand your fitness level so it can be personalized just for you. It was intense but I loved it. That being said, I’ve gotta figure out how tf to clip in my bike shoes. I’ve always had a problem with that 😂 (PS if you buy bike shoes, they don’t come with the cleats you need to lock in. These are the ones you need for Myx and these are the ones you need for Peloton.

After my ride, I went down to my apartment’s grill and whipped up some meal prepped veggies and burgers for the week. It was surprisingly relaxing because no one was at the pool. There is literally never no one at the pool. Kind of annoyed that I didn’t bring my swimsuit. But I digress. At least I brought a hard Topo Chico.

Meal prepping on the grill is so easy. I essentially just toss all of the veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper. Then throw them and my pre-seasoned burgers on the grill. It took me about 20-30 minutes, but was honestly super relaxing.

I hope you had a chill Sunday and that your Monday follows suit!

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