Salmon and Cheesy Grits Recipe

Bottom line, these Salmon and Cheesy Grits are THE BOMB! Ever since I posted the preview on Instagram, everyone has been BEGGING me for the recipe! Well, the wait is over my friends. The recipe is here!


Salmon and Cheesy Grits |


I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up eating ALL the comfort food. I’m proud to share a piece of me with you in this hearty recipe. I grew up eating grits and bacon for breakfast at least once a week. I love that I was able to put together a familiar recipe with something fresh and new.


Why  Salmon and Cheesy Grits?

If you read my Salmon and Artichoke Salad post on Monday, then you know this week’s recipes were inspired by my dissatisfaction with salmon. Its not the fish itself, but the boring way it is normally prepared. I challenged myself to come up with a few fun recipes including the salmon I purchased at Central Market!


I’ve always been a HUGE fan of shrimp and grits. When I woke up Monday morning with leftover salmon, I was STOKED that my southern brain told me to throw it on some cheesy grits. I’m a comfort food lover so this recipe really makes my tummy giggle.


Salmon and Cheesy Grits |




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  1. I’m a bad southerner… I’ve never had grits! This sounds amazing though!

  2. This is an interesting combination, but I bet it works! I wonder if Mahi Mahi would work in place of salmon?

    1. You know I have only had Mahi Mahi once and don’t remember the flavor, but I would think so!

  3. Man I miss me some grits! I’m an expat living in England. May have to try this with polenta

    1. Oh no! I hate that you don’t have grits. haha. But polenta is a good substitute.

  4. That looks AMAZINGLY yummy. I must try out this recipe, because I love any meal that includes salmon

  5. i love shrimp and grits in general but love the idea with salmon!

    1. Same here! I just love grits in general. haha

  6. I love the great things you’ve been doing with salmon lately!


  7. I’ll have to give this a try. The pics look great!

    1. I’m so late seeing this! Thanks Mai Lyn!

  8. Ahhh! I’m hungry. 🙂 What’s a life without salmon? 😉

  9. “YUMMMM!!” – literally me right now

    1. It is literally so good! Anything is good with grits. 😀

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