Savory Sweet Potato Benedict

I’m teaming up with Eggland’s Best to bring you one of my favorite recipes to date. I’m that girl that goes to brunch and orders whatever kind of benedict is on the menu. I love them because they’re typically a “healthier” choice than some other brunch items. I came up with this recipe because I was craving a benedict one day but didn’t have any bread in the house. How the?! So I had to get creative. I took to Instagram and did a story of me “trying” to make this recipe and praying it worked out (since I was live and all). To my luck, it turned out great!



This dish is GREAT for those days that you want brunch, but you also don’t want to leave your house!  It’s made with ingredients that you probably already have sitting around, but it tastes like something you’d eat at the fanciest of restaurants. The best part? It has nothing but whole ingredients so you can enjoy it guilt-free!



Don’t be afraid to get your hands in there with these sweet potato cakes! The more you mix it, the better they’ll be!




1 large sweet potato, shredded

2 Eggland’s Best eggs (for sweet potatoes)

1/4 cup shredded cheese

1tsp garlic powder

1tsp Italian seasoning

Salt and pepper to taste

2 Ham slices

1Eggland’s Best egg (for poaching)

1 Tbsp Turmeric Powder

1 Scallion, sliced


Bring a pot of water to boil with the turmeric powder. Mix sweet potato, 2 eggs, cheese, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper together in a bowl. I like to mix it with my hands but feel free to use a few spoons to do it if you don’t like to get messy. Heat a pan with a little oil over medium-high heat. Take a handful of the sweet potato mixture and put it on the pan. Flatten it with your hands kind of like a pancake. Cook on that side until brown then flip it. Cook until done. Slowly crack an egg into the boiling turmeric water. Cook for one minute then remove with slotted spoon. To assemble, put a couple of the sweet potato patties on a plate and top with ham, poached egg, and sliced scallions.

One of the reasons I used Eggland’s Best eggs in this recipe is because of their superior nutrition! Each egg has only 60 calories and more than double the Omega-3’s as ordinary eggs. Not only that – they have 10x more Vitamin E and 6x more Vitamin D! There is a long list of other reasons why Eggland’s Best is America’s #1 egg! If you’d like to see what else makes them better, you can find more information here.

Let me know what you think of this recipe! What are some of your favorite at-home brunch recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

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This post is sponsored by Eggland’s Best, but y’all know I only  speak my blunt truth! Sponsored posts like this help me bring more great content to you, which is my every day goal!

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  1. I loveeeee sweet potatoes and benedict-anything too!!! Great idea because you know, brunching out can get expensive! Totally saving this recipe!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    1. Brunching gets WAY expensive! So much better to just make it at home every once in a while! 🙂

  2. OMG. This looks AMAZING. Those sweet potato patties!!

    1. They’re my fav! I wanted something savory because I’m not that huge on sweets in the morning. 🙂

  3. This looks delicious! I’m going to try to recreate this without the cheese (#lactoseintolerant), but I know my hubby will love it as is. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It would do just fine without the cheese! You may want to use another egg to help hold it together though. Just a tip 🙂

  4. YUM! That looks so delicious. Anything sweet potato!

    1. Yes! I’m glad you like it! Please let me know if you try it!

  5. Genius. Pure genius. I’m sending this to my husband as a not-so-subtle suggestion for Mother’s Day. 🙂

    1. Oh yes! It will be perfect for Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  6. This looks restaurant-quality girl! Good job!

    1. Wow! What a compliment! Thanks Karen 😀

  7. These look delish! I love the idea of making sweet potato cakes!

    1. They’re so easy to throw together! If you want them alone, you can swap out those ingredients for cinnamon and nutmeg!

  8. This looks great momma! I love this idea and I never would’ve thought to use sweet potatoes instead of English Muffins. Is this considered a paleo dish?

    1. It is definitely paleo! So long as the meat you use is up to par 🙂

  9. That looks amazing. I love Egglands best eggs too. I like how they come “double wrapped”. 🙂

  10. you had me at benedict! My most favorite breakfast! I love the sweet potato hash too, cannot wait to try!

    1. I’m such a huge fan of benedicts as well! One of my favorite things about this one (aside from the pancakes) is the tumeric poached egg!

  11. This looks amazing!!!! I want it this weekend!!

    1. DO IT!! Then let me see how it turns out 🙂

  12. Mmmmm, this potato benedict recipe looks mouthwatering! Can’t wait to try it–saving to Pinterest!

    1. Its so good! Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you make it. I’d love to see your take on it 🙂

  13. This looks so yummy! I’m definitely going to try making this 🙂

    1. Its so easy! Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to see how it turns out.

  14. OMG I love this recipe! I’ve been looking for a low carb, Whole30 approved recipe and this is it. Sweet potato and egg goes so well together!

    xoxo Barb

    1. Yes! This is right up your ally! Let me know how it turns out!

  15. Your IG story for this was awesome. And it’s looks so good. Bookmarking!

  16. This looks really good! I love the shredded potato idea. That would be good for hashbrowns.

  17. i love benedict too or anything that comes with runny eggs. i love your creative take with sweet potatoes.

  18. So yummy! I will have to try this recipe out, love sweet potatoes with eggs!

  19. Yum, yum, yum! Sweet potato + egg = AMAZING!

  20. Girl! You know how I feel about this recipe! Love it!

  21. This sounds (and looks) delicious! I think I might make it this weekend. YUM!

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