Southwestern Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Cups

My go-to contribution at potlucks and holiday get togethers is macaroni and cheese. It’s one of my favorite things to cook because its easy, but takes a bit of love to make. So when I was invited to Dixya’s blogger potluck, I knew I was going to bring mac and cheese but I wanted to make it blogger friendly.

I recently went to Slow Bone in Dallas and loved that they put peppers in their mac and cheese so I recreated that. To make it even more blogger friendly, I threw the mac and cheese in some homemade bacon cups that really elevated the dish! It was SO good, and a hit at the party. There were literally NO leftovers so I figured it was good enough to share with you guys.

PRO TIP: While this recipe isn’t healthy (like at all) you can make it gluten free if you’d like! I did mine with gluten free pasta and gluten free flour. Just make sure you have some extra milk on standby if you do that because a lot of gluten free flour has xantham gum already in it (which makes your sauce thicker, quicker).

When making bacon cups use thick cut bacon and make sure everything is layered, not side by side. This way there are no holes when it shrinks up from cooking!

First, you’ll put two half-pieces of bacon on top of the muffin cup. Then, you’ll use a full piece of bacon to wrap around the cup! That’s all there is to it. If you’d like, you can grease the pan to keep the bacon from sticking. I didn’t have any issues taking the bacon off the pan even when it did stick, though!

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  1. i am craving for mac n cheese now..they were definitely a hit!

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  3. I love how personal and easily portable these are. Besides, how can you go wrong with mac n cheese! *insert heart-eyed emoji here*

  4. Oh my goodness yum! Going to make these for my husband. He would love these! Great idea for dinner parties too!

  5. Gimme all the bacon!!! Haha But seriously, those look delicious. I kind wanna see how they’d be with egg whites & turkey bacon too.

  6. These things are what dreams are made of. They are SOOOOOOO good (and sound so easy!)

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