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Customize Your Massage At Spavia In Plano

If you know me, you know I am always busy. Between working, going to events, and (more recently) planning events, life can get a bit hectic. While I enjoy doing all of those things, I can certainly appreciate my alone time to relax. So when Spavia reached out to me to come in and review their services, I jumped at the opportunity and headed right over.



When you first walk in, you are greeted by one of the team members at the front desk. You check in then they hand you a sheet to fill out. They ask you the standard stuff like “what level of pressure do you like” and “are there any areas to concentrate on or avoid.” But you can tell from this one paper that its about to get on and poppin’ because of the other questions they have.

  • What scent of lotion would you like during your experience?
  • What type of sounds would you like to hear?
  • What beverage would you like for your masseuse to give you afterwards?
  • Do you like conversation during your massage?

I was pretty impressed, and I hadn’t even made it back to the fancy parts yet! Then, they hit me with another jaw dropper. While I was filling out my paper, they asked if I wanted a warmed neck cushion. Uhh, heck yeah! I even got some cute and comfy sandals to wear around the joint!




They take you to the women’s “locker room”, where you are given a super comfy robe to change into. In there, they have lockers with customizable pin numbers you create. They also have changing spaces, a shower to cleanse in after your massage, and the best waiting room EVER!








The waiting room was decked out in comfort, and I’m not just talking about the comfy seats! They had coloring books to help me unwind, and hot tea to relax me as well! They even had a variety of mints to nom on while waiting for my masseuse. (I may or may not have come in here after my massage to relax even more.)






I know what you’re thinking – “the place sounds great but how was your massage?” Girrrrrrrl. I didn’t want to leave. I always prefer firm pressure for my massages and that’s exactly what I got! Jeremy worked out some serious kinks during my Sports Massage, to the point that I felt brand new afterwards. There were a few times I almost wanted to say “lighten it up, buddy” but it hurt so good! It was like all of my worries were disappearing with every crack and pop. I even learned that he is from North Carolina too! #BonusJonas


I added on an exfoliating foot scrub and it was outstanding. First, he applied the sugar scrub, then he put a hot towel over it. That alone would have been enough, but of course he worked out some foot kinks as well. Swoon! I could have fallen asleep, seriously.




As promised, after my massage Jeremy had a hot, but not too hot, cup of tea waiting for me. I went to the relaxation room and just sat in there for a few minutes, coloring in their books. I grabbed a few extra mints – they had green tea and chocolate – then after 10 minutes or so went about my way.




I LOVED Spavia, to the point that I’m seriously considering getting a membership. Everyone was so nice and helpful. It feels and looks like an upscale spa, but the price is SO reasonable! Plus, they offer other services such as facials, makeup application, waxing, and wraps! It is so important to treat yourself when you work so hard. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better way to be pampered.

What do you look for in a spa? Are there any services, outside of a massage, that you would like to try? Let me know in the comments below! 


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