#SproutsSummerSplash with Barre Code Design District

What’s better on a hot, Summer day than hanging with your girls by the pool sipping champs? Uhm…how about all of that with smoothie bowls and a workout to make you earn it? That’s exactly what I did recently with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and Sprouts!





We started off with a butt-kicking workout with The Barre Code – Design District led by the fabulous Lauren! If you’ve never done barre, its like a ballet style workout that will hand your rump to you on a silver platter EVERY TIME!




Our game faces are legit!



After working up an appetite, we headed inside to get some snacks and learn how to make a smoothie bowl! The best tip I have for making smoothie bowls is don’t use too much liquid! If you do, your toppings will fall right through! **I may or may not be speaking from experience**







Of course, breakfast is nothing without a good mimosa so we had a fun mimosa bar provided by Sprouts! Their new spritzers are the perfect addition. And yes, I’m almost always the designated bartender. Its one of my many talents! baha










Because we are all rebels with a cause, immediately after eating we headed out to the pool to splash around in our floaties!



*ignore my awkward pose*



Oh, and in case you were wondering how my smoothie bowl turned out it was basically the best picture I’ve ever taken of food. But in all honesty it could have used some honey! haha





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**All pictures were taken by DFA’s favorite photographer,  @danny_mai_tx**

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I'm a thirty-something lifestyle blogger who tries not to take life too seriously. I think laughing and running are the cure to everything especially when its done in a new city. I think a balanced diet is important, and that they're much easier when they include chocolate. :)

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  1. Take me back! I want another pool party ?

  2. I am still so sad I had to miss this!! Everything looks so fun. What a gorgeous bunch of butt kicking ladies. 🙂

  3. this was SUCH a yummy fun event. I’m sweating just thinking about that workout!
    Southern Elle Style

  4. This was such an awesome day! Sprouts for the win!

  5. LOVE AND MORE LOVE!!!! I loveeeeee meeting up with like-minded peeps and having a grand OL time… With lots of EATS 😛

  6. I had so much fun there!! The location was PERFECT, and there’s nothing quite like sweating it out on a Dallas rooftop. So happy to be a DFA!

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