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4 Obvious Ways to Stay Healthy When You’re Busy AF

Y’ALL! My schedule here lately has been crazy busy. I mean, I feel like a full-blown adult. This week alone I’ve had meetings, work trips, and presentations and still somehow found time to meet friends for dinner. Seriously, who am I and when did I become so grown? It can be easy to slip up on your health goals when you have so many excuses to bail. These are some ways that I stay on top of it when I’m busy AF. It can be easy to slip up on your health goals when you have so many excuses to bail. These are some ways that I stay on top of it when I’m busy AF.

working out when you’re busy af

The #1 way I stay on track with my workouts (in general really) is to make fitness dates with my friends. I’m not talking those “let’s go to the gym next week” kind of dates. I’m talking, let’s take Camp Grit on Thursday night at 7 kind of dates. Get real particular and set a specific time to workout. Not only will you get to see your gal pals, but you’re way less likely to skip out if your friend is counting on you to be there!

stop staring at that dang phone

Okay, this is probably the hardest thing on this list to follow through with, but trust me! It’s puts so much stress on your eyes to stare at a screen all day that it can literally give you headaches (Google told me so!) If you do have to stare at a screen all day for work, at least wear protection (aka computer glasses). If you already wear prescription glasses like me, you can snag a screen protector that’ll work too!

don’t skip breakfast and don’t forget to snack

I bet you weren’t expecting me to tell you to snack in this blog post! But really, skipping breakfast (or any meal) is one of the worst things you can do for your health. When you finally do get to eat, you’ll probably pig out just to catch up on energy. This is also why I’m a huge believer in snacking throughout the day, but putting some though behind it.

One thing my body always craves is protein, especially in the afternoon. I seriously get a hankering for meet, but in the past I’ve struggled with finding something that woudn’t weigh me down too much. I was recently introduced to Foster Farms Bold Bites and they have seriously changed the game!

Bold Bites are perfectly portioned packets of diced chicken bites that come in five different flavors and they’re seriously delicious! I love that I can just grab a package out of my fridge and keep it moving, without having to worry about cooking, cutting, or eating some horribly unhealthy snack.

I’ve been taking them with me to work, on trips, and also snacking on them from my couch. The best part is that they do not include any artificial colors, nitrates, flavors, or nitrites – so I don’t have to worry about what kind of crazy ingredients are going in my body. Plus, in Texas, you can pick up Bold Bites at your local Walmart, Target, Kroger, or Albertson’s!

keep your skin poppin’ and your body hydrated

One of the first things I forget to do when I’m busy is drink liquids (like water or juice.) Ain’t nobody got time for dat! But really, you should make time. If you’re on the go, focusing on work, working out, and eating healthy you’ve GOT to be staying hydratedthroughout the day. A few weeks ago I was going hard at work and in the gym, and ended up getting a crazy migraine all because I was dehydrate. #worstnightever #notworthit Trust me when I say it’s best to play it safe and keep the liquids flowing all dang day!

quick recap

Eat your veggies. Wait, that wasn’t one, but you should do that too. OKAY let’s start again. Schedule your workouts (preferably with friends.) Eat your meals, and your snacks (I’m currently obsessed with Foster Farms Bold Bites.) Don’t look into the light (and if you do, wear protection.) And drink a ton of water because it’s basically a cure all and you’ll die without it.

Did I miss anything? Let me know some tips you use to stay healthy when you’re busy! I can use all the help I can get!

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