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Staying Hydrated for Silent Disco Yoga with #AquafinaSparkling

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Imagine you’re shopping at an outdoor shopping mall and all of a sudden you turn the corner to see 100 people wearing light-up headphones, dancing around and doing yoga non-stop. Sounds like you just rolled up on a Silent Disco Yoga class my friend. That’s what happened just a while ago with the event held at West Village by Dallas Fitness Ambassadors!



If you read this post I wrote last year about Silent Disco Yoga, then you know all about what these classes are like. The difference this time being that we had a ton of people join us for the sunset class.



The class was held in the late afternoon and, since we’re in Texas, we should have expected it to be hot! Of course, the weather lived up to those expectations and luckily I came prepared. Despite my love for MJ’s upbeat yogas sculpt class, I had to take several breaks to make sure my body was hydrated. I recently found out about Aquafina Sparkling and instantly fell in love with the flavor and how fresh it was, so that was my drink of choice during this class!



One of the things that I love most about Aquafina Sparkling is that it has has 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 artificial flavors. When I read the back of the cans, I don’t see any weird ingredients. Plus, it has far less sodium than some other sparkling beverages I’ve tried.



Apparently, I’m not the only person who’s jumping on the unsweetened sparkling water train either! It has gained a ton of popularity recently and has accelerated the water category’s growth at 28%! In other words, we are staying all kinds of hydrated with sparkling water these days. But how could you resist with such wonderful flavors.



In fact, Aquafina just dropped two new flavors: Mango Pineapple and Black Cherry Dragonfruit! I can pretty much tell you from experience that the Mango Pineapple is BAE! Doesn’t it sound delicious? I am such a huge fan of Aquafina Sparkling already. So much so that I created this delicious cocktail that you can enjoy without feeling a ton of guilt after your yoga sessions!



This simple cocktail is made with a few ingredients that you probably already have around your home! It’s super easy to make with a juicer and is the perfectly refreshing for a tequila drink.




Sparkling Carrot Apple Cocktail


4 Carrots

1 Apple

Juice of 1 Lemon

1/2 cup Tequila

Lemon Lime Aquafina Sparkling


Juice the vegetables. Add lemon juice and tequila. Stir until mixed well. Poor over a glass of ice and top it off with Lemon Lime Aquafina Sparkling. Garnish with a lemon.


I love that this recipe includes fresh juices and Aquafina Sparkling. While I can’t necessarily call it healthy, it is delicious and packed with some healthy ingredients. Topping it off with the Lemon Lime Aquafina Sparkling really elevates it and gives it that refreshing taste!




If you’re looking to try Aquafina Sparkling, you’re in luck! It’s sold at our favorite store – Target! You can find it in the sparkling water section! In fact, there will be tastings/samplings of Aquafina Sparkling in certain Target locations across the US this week!



Have you ever tried Silent Disco Yoga? What kind of cocktails would you make with Aquafina Sparkling? Let me know in the comments below!

Looking for a Silent Disco class to attend? Dallas Fitness Ambassadors is hosting a Silent Disco Pilates class this Thursday, May 25th! Find out more info here.


You can find out more about Aquafina Sparkling by following Aquafina on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter! Check out their Social Hub here!


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