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How to Stay Motivated During the #SparklingDetox Challenge

Have you ever been online and seen those health/fitness challenges, like #30DayAbChallenge or #7DayVeganChallenge? Chances are you’ve seen them at some point or another and maybe thought to yourself, “I could never do that.” Honestly, they can be a little intimidating because its hard for us to stick with new things sometimes! But whyyy do we tell ourselves we can’t do something? Do we really have commitment issues rooted so deep that we can’t do a 7-day challenge? No! The answer is NO! We can do anything we set our minds to and plan for! I truly believe that, which is why I’m sharing with you 3 tips on how I’m going to stay motivated during the #SparklingDetox challenge, starting on Sept 12th for 5 straight days!


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3 Ways To Stay Motivated During The #Sparkling Detox Challenge


Make a Plan

When I say make a plan, I don’t mean just say, “I plan on finishing this challenge.” -_- Girl, stop. We all want to finish the challenge but what are you doing to do to make sure that happens? Write down your daily goal for the challenge – like drinking 4 bottles of Gerolsteiner every day for a week. Then write things you can do that will help you along with that goal. For instance, in addition to drinking Gerolsteiner for the #SparklingDetox, I’m going to practice yoga every day and write down 3 things I love about myself afterwards.

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Invite Your Friends

Everything is easier when you have backup. For me, I always like to do challenges with a friend that will keep me accountable and vice versa. For this particular challenge, I’m going to be teaming up with my good friend Brit, from FitXBrit! She’s also participating in, and writing about, the #SparklingDetox challenge. Not only does it keep you accountable but it just makes the challenge more fun. Try to see who can take the best pictures for the challenge, or who can keep it going the longest! There’s nothing wrong with throwing in a little competition to keep things going.

Our faces when we think about the other giving up. Not today.

Side note: If you don’t know anyone else doing the #SparklingDetox challenge, you can join us in the challenge’s Facebook Group! There are over 1000 people to keep you motivated!


Reward Yourself

One of the best ways for me to complete something from start to finish is to set up a reward for myself for doing it. I’m pretty sure its because of my parents always rewarding me for the smallest tasks but whatever. It works for me. For this particular challenge, I’m treating myself to some of those delicious mocktails I made with Gerolsteiner water…except this will be a bit more adult friendly.




Well those are my top 3 tips on staying motivated for challenges – or anything really. I’m wayyy more excited than nervous about the #SparklingDetox challenge! I can’t wait to see all of the benefits that I get out of it! If you’d like to join, checkout the Facebook Page! Also, check out this cool infographic for more info on the challenge!


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