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Where To Stay Near UCLA: Hotel Angeleno

If you’re heading to West Los Angeles and looking for a place to stay near UCLA, check out Hotel Angeleno. I went with a few gal pals, Shasha and Janna, a few weeks ago and had a great experience! It’s in a prime location if you’re looking to visit Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. There are lots of perks to staying here – including “Wine Hour” and their “We Are Not Square” culture – but we’ll get to that in a bit. Here is my review of this iconic hotel.




The reason I was drawn to this hotel was because of its location and price. It’s close to UCLA, which lands it near a bunch of restaurants, shopping, and hiking trails. All of that and it was under $200/night on the Hotel Tonight app.

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The #1 thing that excited me about this please was Wine Hour. During that time, you can go down to the lobby and get free glasses of wine! They don’t cut you off either – least that’s what I heard.


Their “Skip The Tip” environment is a travelers dream! No one in the hotel will accept tips for their services. Not at the restaurant (which has incredible views by the way), or at the valet stand! Now certainly, that amount is factored into the amount that you pay for the hotel. But still it is really convenient to not have to worry about carrying cash around the hotel.

They also provide a complimentary shuttle service that will take you anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel! This was one of my favorite perks because it took us around town and helped me save on Uber money! I will say that the ride wasn’t the most comfortable (you have to fidget with the seat belts and the seats are close together). But who am I to complain about a free ride?

There are quite a few Instagrammable walls around the hotel. We probably spent a good hour and some change taking pictures because of all the different backgrounds available!


It’s located really close to my favorite trail, Temescal Canyon. If you’re looking for a trail that leads to unobstructed views of the ocean and some gorgeous mansions, this is the place to go! It will kick your butt (a few times) but I must say its worth the hike!


The Cons

The biggest downfall to staying at this hotel is that it’s located right off the Interstate. Personally, I sleep like a baby no matter what – but if you’re a light sleeper this may keep you from catching z’s.


The second thing, and this will vary by what room you’re put in, is that the view kind of sucks. We were on the 6th floor facing what I believe are condominiums across the street.  I’m sure if you’re on a higher level and facing Hollywood you won’t have this problem. But let’s just say that some of your temporary neighbors don’t like to close their blinds.



The Verdict

I’d say Hotel Angeleno is a solid choice if you’re looking to stay on this side of town. If you’re looking for a quiet room with a view, this isn’t your place. But if you love wine, hiking, and free rides, this is the place to go!


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