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Studio Review: Jumping Around at Bodybar Southlake

Recently, I partnered with Bodybar in Southlake to do a review of their pilates studio. I’m so excited that I found them because I’ve always been a huge fan of pilates! Back when I first started going to the gym, pilates classes were my all time favorite. I still love them, but the Reformer Jump class at Bodybar made me fall in love all over again. Here’s why I’m loving Bodybar!





The Studio

The studio is located in a cute little shopping complex in Southlake (with a few different restaurants that are perfect for after class). When you head inside, everything is super clean cut and bright. I love that they have a mini store in the front where you can find cute shirts, water bottles, bottled juice, and grip socks that you can purchase in case you forget yours. After making it past the front desk, you head into the pilates room where you’ll see about a dozen reformers and a few pilates chairs. They have a wall where you can put your things while you wait, as well as a changing room! Oh, and lets not forget the mirror that runs from the front to the back of the store.





The Instructors

One thing I love about Bodybar is how active the instructors are in the class. Not only do they demonstrate how to do different moves, they go around and tweak your form so that you’re getting the most out of the class. Plus, they are super friendly which is always a bonus. I’ve yet to meet one instructor thats simply “all about the business”. They always ask fun personal questions to connect with you (and use against you later). For instance, they keep telling me they were gonna give me something to blog about (aka give me another challenging move to try).




The Classes

Bodybar offers 9 different classes, each involving either the reformer, the chair, or both. The classes last anywhere between 40-60 minutes and concentrate on your core and posture. I’ve never walked away from a class without sore abs and always feel a bit energetic afterwards too.






Despite their size and looks, the reformer machines (the big ones) are not that intimidating! They’re actually really fun to workout on and provide a good bit of support! They actually have bungees that you can change to make your workout easier or more grueling!






If you haven’t already, I definitely encourage you to try our Bodybar in Southlake! Their workouts are fun and sure to get you sweaty!  Let me know in the comments below what part you’re most excited about!


Also, if you are a member of ClassPass, Bodybar is totally one of their studios! I just signed up and can’t wait to visit the different studios!

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I’ve partnered with Bodybar Southlake to bring you this post. All opinions are my own. Their may be affiliate links in this post.