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Style for Every Body: Jeans

Being both tall and curvy can make finding clothes that fit well a bit of a journey. Luckily, I’ve been dressing myself for years so I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. When my friend Lauren, of LMents of Style, texted me about this new series, I squinted at my phone. I believe the first thing I said was, “I’m not a fashion blogger, Lauren! But I guess I know how to dress myself.”

Style for Every Body is a new, monthly series were four local bloggers dish how we dress for our body types. Each of us rock different body shapes from petite and slim, to tall and curvy!

The first thing we’re covering are jeans. In my opinion, they’re one of the hardest things to shop for because everyone is so different. Once you find a good brand and fit, you probably stick with it, right? Well I’m going to introduce you to the ladies and let you see what their picks are, but first let’s start with my fav!

Look, it me!

Favorite Jeans – Madewell Taller Curvy High-rise Skinny Jeans

Favorite place to shop denim – Madewell

Size – Taller 34

Body Type – Tall, Curvy

Height – 5’11”

I chose these jeans for a few reasons. Because I have a big belly, I love a good high-waist. This one fits right up to the smallest part of my torso, emphasizing my hourglass figure. On top of that, they’re long enough for a tall girl like me. I love Madewell jeans because they have a variety of inseams. I wear the “Taller” option which is perfect for my height. They leave me looking lifted and blessed in the butt department because they fit tight, while still staying stretchy.

Meet Lauren!

Check out her blog and Instagram

Favorite Jeans – Madewell 10′ jeans, Danny Wash

Favorite places to shop denim – Madewell + J. Brand

Size – 28

Body type – Normal length, pear shaped

Height – 5’7.5″

Lauren is the creator of Style for Every Body! She’s a fashion blogger (one of my favs) and also covers non-toxic products, travel tips, and other lifestyle topics!

Meet Meredith

Check out her blog and Instagram

Favorite Jeans – Good American

Favorite places to shop denim – Nordstrom

Size – 14

Body type – Curvy, Petite

Height – 5’4″

Meredith is a lifestyle blogger who writes about fashion, self-care and weight loss! She’s strong, spunky, and has already lost over 50 pounds! You go girl!!

Meet Kileen

Check out her blog and Instagram

Favorite Jeans – American Eagle High Waisted Jeans

Favorite places to shop denim – American Eagle

Size – 00 Short

Body type – Petite

Height – 5’0″

Kileen is an affordable fashion blogger and mom of two! In addition to blogging and momming (is that a word?), she’s a full-time software developer! Side note – she also kills it in every workout class we’ve been in together. Such a ball of energy!

You should definitely check out each of these ladies blogs to get even more tips on styling jeans for your body type! I’d love to know what some of your favorite jeans are for your shape and size as well! Oh, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see us style, let me know in the comments below.