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The Best Free Apps To Help You Lose Weight

Despite the chilly weather that comes with the holidays, I always stay warm because of the 10+ pounds I gain after eating all of the feasts! Okay – I said that sarcastically, but I mean…there’s quite a bit of truth to it. The hardest thing in the world for me to turn down is good mac & cheese. *swoon* Liquid gold doesn’t even begin to explain how valuable a good bowl of mac is in my life. But I digress. This year, I am bound and determined to not only avoid gaining weight, but to actually LOSE weight this holiday season! While I would love to depend on my friends and family to push me along, I already know they’ll be too busy trying to feed me. Luckily, I have the BEST accountability partner with me 24/7. My smartphone. Today, I’m sharing with you the best weightloss apps to help you lose weight and stay healthy!


Weightloss Apps To Get You Moving



Gain Fitness

img_9087Gain Fitness is an app that lets you know what to do in the gym when it comes to losing weight! Some of my favorite things about it:

  • Helps you build muscle
  • Lets you choose your workout based off of:
    • Duration of workout
    • Part of your body you want to focus on
    • The level of difficulty for your workout
  • Tracks the amount of weight you’re lifting with each exercise so you can track your progress!

I’ve used Gain Fitness in the past and it helped me learn that muscle mass really does help you lose weight quicker! It keeps your metabolism high and it is a little addicting. I love being able to learn so many new workouts too.

Bonus: You can use it at home and at the gym!

Nike+ Training Club


In my opinion, Nike+ Training Club is similar to Gain Fitness, in that it helps you build muscle. But it also has a bit more cardio! What do I love?

  • Nike is constantly updating the app with new workouts!
  • You can make a plan based off of how many workouts you want to do per week.
  • You have the option of choosing between 4 types of workouts for your plan:
    • Start Up – Great for when you’re just starting working out.
    • Lean Fit – Helps to build endurance.
    • Bodyweight Only – For when you aren’t wanting or able to use weights!
    • Gym Strong – Weight Training for your whole body!
  • You can also add running to your workout plan.
  • It keeps up with your weight and height for your workouts!



Everyone loves Cassie Ho from Blogilates! She’s pumped with energy and its contagious. The best things about her workouts?

  • She has short and long workouts!
  • The moves are all different from what you’d think of.
  • Most workouts take little to no fitness equipment
  • Planned exercise routines every day.
  • The community is SUPER supportive #blogilates
  • There are even recipes and shopping!

Like I said, one of my favorite things about Blogilates is the community! Following #blogilates gives you some serious motivation. Plus she comes out with new videos ALL THE TIME!

Down Dog


FREE YOGA with Down Dog! I mean, IDK what else I need to say to convince you. They have yoga for beginners and yoga for pros! Plus you can choose short sessions or long ones!

  • It comes with its own soothing music.
  • They have an Instagram account in case you need some #namaste motivation
  • There are levels for everyone
  • Literally no equipment is needed…except for maybe a mat.
  • You can do a long drawn out session or a super fast and quick one! Personally, I like the quick ones. The less time I have to spend the more likely I’m able to keep up with things!
  • Its just plain relaxing.

Apps To Keep You Eating Right


#SproutsSummerSplash with Barre Code Design District | The Ginger Marie Blog

Fit Men Cook

This local Dallas chef, from Fit Men Cook, is killing it in the kitchen with great, healthy recipes to keep you on track! No more boring food when it comes to his recipes! Plus he’s awesome on Snapchat with in-the-moment eats. So fun to see what he comes up with! Not to mention he is nationally recognized for his talents. He has not only been on countless TV shows, but he even met Michelle Obama!



Lose It!

Looking to count calories or find out what your “macros” are or should be? Well then Lose It is your app! It even lets you track your water intake. It not only tracks anything to do with food, it also lets you share your progress with friends! Don’t worry, it won’t share your weight. But it will share how much you’ve lost or how often you are tracking everything!




Community Apps For Motivation




Meetup is great for meeting new people in the city. But its also AWESOME for connecting with people who want to workout and get fit! Are you into yoga? There are meet ups for that. Miss playing volleyball from high school? There are meet ups from that too. Want to find a group of people to drink with? There are meet ups for that too…we’ll save that for another post.



Nike+ Run Club

This app is great for beginners and freaking marathoners! You can link Nike+ Run Club to your Facebook so that your friends can cheer you on along the way. Plus, if you’re competitive, you will love that you can add friends. You can see where you rank on your friends list as far as how far you’ve gone! Here’s to getting to #1!




If money is your motivator, DietBet is the app for you. You start off by agreeing to lose a certain percentage of weight. You place your bet up front. If you reach your goal, you get to split the pot with anyone else who reached it as well. If you don’t reach it, you don’t get your money back or the prizes. So you better get moving, girl!





Those are my favorite apps to help you lose weight! From fitness apps to apps to help you figure out what to eat, these apps are sure to help you if you stay consistent. And if you ever need another helping hand, feel free to message me! I’d love to keep up with you guys and vice versa!!



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