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10 Reasons Why Every Millennial Should Do #The3Day

This post was sponsored by Susan G. Komen® through my partnership with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own. 

Last weekend, I decided to walk 60 miles for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day®. It was even more fun (and a little more touch) than I expected it to be. Out of the 60 miles, I completed 43 by foot and 17 by car ride. I had so much fun, but I didn’t see a ton of people my age! I figured the reason was because people don’t know how dope the 3-Day is. They probably think its some boring event where all you do is walk around for 3 days. Well, they would be wrong and I’m here to prove it with 10 reasons why every millennial should do the #The3Day.


#The3Day is basically a walking buffet.

I’m not being sarcastic when I say this. Every few miles there is either a pit stop or a grab-n-go with food and drinks for you to eat. I’m talking chips, sandwiches, cookies – the WORKS! Plus, there are “walker stalkers” along the way that give you goodies too. I was shocked!

Its an easy (ish) way to meet new people.

Walking the Komen isn’t easy by anyone’s standards. But, you tend to meet a few friendly faces when you’re walking 60 miles with them! For instance, you may run into someone like Marilyn Fuller-Smith, who was hilarious and demanded to be put on my blog. I mean, I’m not going to be the one to tell this feisty lady no.

The person in last place gets celebrated more than the person in first place.

Forget a participation award, coming in last place is an honor at #The3Day! Everyone meets you at the finish line and cheers you on. Plus, you get to raise the Komen flag and get your picture taken! It was really cool to watch, especially since the people on my team were the “winners” on the first night!

It’s a huge confidence booster

The people at #The3Day were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They were constantly cheering me on, complimenting me, and getting to know me. It was a bit of a change of pace to have so many people ask me about myself because they genuinely wanted to get to know me and love on me!

You can have someone chauffeur you when you’re too tired to walk.

If you get tired of walking, or just want to take a short cut, SWEEP! There are sweeper vans that come around and pick up anyone that wants to tap out. You can either be taken to the next pit stop, or you can be taken back to camp! Plus, each van has a theme. There was the Titty Tank (my personal favorite),

You can brag about how in shape you are. (literally none of your friends have walked as much as you.

Who do you know that walks 60 miles in one weekend?


Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Those are BRAGGING RIGHTS, yo! Literally no one will be able to match your steps on your Fitbit or Apple watch. You will probably have the most steps for the entire month!


It’s basically one huge middle finger to cancer!

On top of all the other fun things going on during the Komen 3-Day walk, you’re also supporting a really good cause. I met so many women on the walk that were survivors of breast cancer. We need more of that and walks like this help. I can’t wait until the day that walks like this don’t exist anymore because a cure was found.


You get to dress as silly as you want and let your pink flag fly.

I saw some of the funniest costumes while walking on the 3-Day. You try walking down the street and having a unicorn walk by you announcing they’re on your left. It was hilarious! Everyone was decked out in pink as well because being #morethanpink is kind of Komen’s thing! There was even a man with revolving boobs. Never a dull moment.


You get to camp out in pink tents (and then take them home with you).

I love camping (remember when I went with my DFA girls?) so I was all for this! My tent was set up for me when I arrived at camp. All I had to do was blow up my air mattress and pass tf out. I was way more prepared this time for the cold nights. I brought a sleeping bad and a onesie to wear so I didn’t freeze. The one thing I did forget was my pillow, but I made one out of a backpack and some clothes. Just call me Macgyver. I also think its pretty awesome that they let you take your pink tent home! I’ll definitely be putting that thing to use soon.

The food back at camp is delicious, and you can eat as much of it as you want.

When I think of “camp food” I think of boring chili or canned beans. Komen hooks you up with all kinds of options (there are even vegetarian meals). Plus, they were all really good. Color me shocked. They even had La Croix! My inner basic babe was hollerin’.



The Komen 3-Day was so much fun. I met some amazing people, laughed until my abs hurt, and ate enough chips to keep Lay’s in business. I’m definitely doing it again next year (and may even do the San Diego walk). If you’re interested in participating next year, sign up here. If you register before December 7th, you get half off your registration price!